Spittin' Mad.
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Senor has been suffering from a stomach ache/flu type ailment for two days now. Today, since it's the weekend, we decided to stay home and take it easy. It just so happens that our creepy neighbor paid a visit to his property next door to clean it up a bit. We watched him like a hawk because he can't be trusted.

Now, for those who don't know about him, he's a monster. He's abandoned the land next door to us and let the house go to shit. I don't know why he doesn't just rent the property for supplemental income. To prevent people from breaking into this abandoned property, he leaves a dog there. This guy doesn't come back for days. How does the dog get food and water? Who knows. We've called the city and the SPCA (ASPCA in TX) and nothing has been done. We report every violation we can to trouble this guy. But nothing is done by the authorities. The animal is never seized and life goes on as usual.

We've taken it upon ourselves to feed the dog in the past, but this has backfired. The dog was skin and bones when we reported the violation, but we accidentally fattened him up because we were so concerned. This situation has been going on for years and has caused me a great deal of mental and emotional distress. If I could murder this guy, I would in a heartbeat. He has no respect for living creatures.

This neighbor has a family. A wife and a few sons, from what we've seen. All of them are cold hearted. None of them are concerned about their pets. We actually had to take a puppy away from them in the past because they were not feeding it. Which brings me to today's event. This puppy we rescued has grown up into a precious member of our family. She's very sweet and loving, but becomes a little insane around food. When you abuse an animal, they never forget that treatment. It's permanently ingrained in their personality. It triggers their survival instincts and that cannot be undone. Her name is Chispa.

Chispa (meaning "Spark" the color of her coat) is a gentle dog, she's large but very loving and devoted. Today, the neighbor was raking his disgusting backyard. The place is a mess, filled with scrap metal and garbage. (Yes, we've reported this to the city numerous times. Nada has happened). The man had one of his sons with him. Our dogs tend to get excited and naturally wish to investigate what's going on next door so they huddle near the fence line we share with the neighbor to observe. The boy proceeds to spit right on Chispa and act as if he's going to hit her (he does one of those intimidating gestures fucking idiots his age tend to do).

Senor and I become unglued and run downstairs. Starting in Spanish, we proceed to tell him what we saw. The kid, in English, immediately denies it. Senor lets him have it and explicitly reveals that they are always being watched here.

I can barely type right now. I just want to scream and become physically violent when it comes to people like that. So cruel and senseless. Here's a picture of Chispa


She's part Great Dane and Rottweiler. The dog next door being abused is Chispa's mother. We currently have 8 dogs and cannot adopt another. My neighbor deserves to be put down and his kid is no better. To spit on a dog that wasn't barking or doing anything. There was a fence between them, there was no way she could even make contact with them. It just sickens me.

I'm starting to tear up. I should finish this up. I just had to write about this. I hate being this livid, I hate feeling powerless. The good thing is, the neighbor knows we are watching his every move. Karma, God or whatever supreme force is out there must have something big in store for this fucker and his wretched family. I just hope I'm there to witness his undoing. Anyone that can mistreat an animal is a monster, capable of anything. And that guy walks around freely in our society. How's that for justice? Fucking beautiful.
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That just sucks. I really, really hate people who mistreat animals. I wish I could help >:( Maybe ask around to see if anyone is willing to adopt or at least take the animal in for awhile? That''s what I would do. I don''t know what would happen when that guy found out he was missing, though.

Really, I''m just livid. Especially because nobody is doing anything to help this dog!!

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I would call your local newspaper/tv/radio and tell them to do an expose about how the local SPCA is doing nothing to prevent the ill-treatment of this dog. That should get some wheels moving...

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I''m sorry to hear that Toni. It''s sux to watch something like that happening and being powerless. I would keep trying and trying though. don''t give up that easy, eventually somebody will listen and do something. I just don''t understand why they haven''t done anything at all yet. Just makes no sense.
I can''t stand animals being mistreated so I know how you must feel. I got two dogs and three cats and in Germany when you call the people that are against animal abuse they come out to the place and just take the animal from the owner. That''s at least always been the case where I lived including in Military installations.

Your Chispa kind of looks like my Milkshake. Body shape and head.

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People like this just need to die...on what purpose do they exist if only to cause others pain. I am truly sorry to hear what has happened (and not happened in this case), especially since it’s on your doorstep and affecting you personally. But maybe you are contacting the wrong people...if the local authorises have not stepped in, even to have a word with these people, then perhaps Miss Zs idea might work, if you get the local media involved then perhaps they can inform the local people and this son of a bitch might get his comeuppance. People who have no respect or disregard for others make me sick.

Stay strong Toni and pet Chispa for me!

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Really, that is absolutely disgusting. I feel nauseas just reading about it, I can''t even begin to imagine how you must feel. I can only say that maybe calling a local news crew as earlier suggested would get the ball rolling. We had a guy around here who was doing that with cows - starving them to death. Funny thing? He owned like a huge restaurant. Finally, someone took the story to the newspaper, and they had the famished cows on the front page. He, of course, denied he knew there was a problem.

If you have the cash, I''d almost suggest investing in a small, inexpensive security camera. Point it at his house, that way if he does anything again, you''ll have evidence for it.

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I agree with Miss Z. There have been many times in our local news where they do just that and it does get things rolling. In fact it has worked so well they have a news segment dedicated to that alone, it is called In Your Corner. Nothing like bad publicity to make higher ups get off the arses.

I feel for you but do not know what I can say to help. I hate to even think of what you have to feel seeing that poor dog daily. It has to be heart wrenching, maybe she could "accidentally" escape and then someone calls the shelter. I hate even saying the shelter but maybe she could have a fighting chance at being adopted.

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That happened when I was living at my parents house. The next door neighbores had three huskies that would sit there day and night with no affection, food or water. My mom and I were the ones basically keeping them alive. I know how you feel. Extremely pisses me off when someone mistreats an animal(s). Eventually they moved so I am not sure what happened to the poor things but hopefully they are ok.

Your stupid neighbore should be shot and his worthless family. Maybe chain them up and not feed or water them? Eye for an eye in the dogs point of view...

I agree about getting the news to help you out. Here in SA we have something that you call and they go investigate whatever you call about. Im sure Dallas should have the same. Hopefully.

Good luck in screwing them over. Hope you succeed. *pets Chispa and her Momma* :)

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Ok, this is just inhumane and flat out disgusting. If you had the time and the fiendish desire, I recommend rounding up the other dogs and rescuing them by bringing to the the local shelter. Somehow I doubt the cold hearted family you described would even care to check... their loss and the dogs freedom and sanity is somewhat regained. Good luck and keep us posted. Stay strong Toni!