Updates and Beta Awards.
last modified: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 (12:14:15 AM)
I've tried to make a few small and simple changes to my gallery over the last couple of weeks. Some were due in part to the Open House event and other changes were just long overdo.

1) The Giant Robo music video on the front page of our gallery is now playable in IE, not just Firefox.

2) I've taken time to update the links page with some more of my favorite websites. It's an on-going process because I always seem to forget what I need to add! >_< You'll probably see lots of familiar names on there:


3) I've changed the sub-page banner. Here's a random example:

That would be the Bob and Toni chibikins! Basically chibi puppet versions of us. I thought it was kinda cute. The WC logo image is now featured at the bottom of every page (as well as the bottom of the front page).

Like I said, simple changes but things I meant to do a long time ago. I also managed to update with a few new cels and stuff.

Moonlight Knight:




Daisaku in Giant Robo's eye socket:

Ryozanpaku & St. Abey from Giant Robo:

Fatal Fury Hanken:

Ah! My Goddess fan cel:

Mon Colle Knights:

That chips away a little bit at the "waiting to be scanned and uploaded" pile.

I can't believe I won something in this year's Beta Awards! I'm just so thrilled and humbled ^__^ Thanks so much to everyone who voted for my entry in the Best Non-Anime category. I went ahead and made a special section in our gallery so it's easier to find:


Maybe future winners will go there too ^_~ hehe. Thanks Brian for handling the contest!

In other news, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. ^_^; Which is a little scary, since I plan to do it all online! @_@ But I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I think Senor is already done! He's always trying to show me up and make me look bad... grrrr.... XD

Aside from watching movies and trying to stay warm, nothing new has happened. The home improvements have been put on hold due to the cold weather. Kind of difficult to lay down wood flooring when your finger tips are a little numb. The house is very livable as it is. Having my dream kitchen was first priority anyway, everything else can wait. ;)

During Black Friday this year, we sat outside Best Buy for 10 hours and received a voucher for a 32" LCD HD television. We bought a $1,000 TV for only $470! Definitely worth the effort. I ended up playing Cooking Mama for most of that time. It's a tough but addictive little DS title.

Oh! I will not be doing the fruitcake exchange program this Christmas. Since the move, I'm hindered in my ability to ship out thank you gifts (I was slow enough last year! >_<) I also received a ton of fruitcakes last year, which was wonderful! But probably bad for my health, hehe. Thanks to everyone who participated last time. I will probably have the fruitcake fun next year tho, so don't throw out the ones you receive this year. ^_~ LOL (I'm not kidding tho...)

That about sums it up for now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Take care!
re: Updates and Beta Awards.Sunday, December 10, 2006 - 10:27:54 PM

Oh! Congratulations. I''m glad you''re the owner of that awesome Ghostbuster cel and the serendipity coz I voted for those two. ^__^*** I like your eye for beauty and since you are the owner of those two cels then I can pretend I have an eye for beauty too. And I agree on the fruitcake...

re: Updates and Beta Awards.Monday, December 11, 2006 - 4:53:59 AM

from me too: congratulations on winning the award for your Ghostbuster cel ... (^___^) ...


re: Updates and Beta Awards.Monday, December 11, 2006 - 11:06:29 AM

congrats again on your beta awards toni!! i love the little changes around the gallery, especially thew new banner. thanks for having me in your links, you''re a sweetie. the unico cel looks great in your gallery. i''m so happy it found a loving home. ^_^

re: Updates and Beta Awards.Monday, December 11, 2006 - 12:59:11 PM

Hi Toni,
Congrats on your Beta Award! Well deserved.

re: Updates and Beta Awards.Monday, December 11, 2006 - 4:10:30 PM

Thanks so much guys!

hajimenokizu, thank you so much for voting on my cels. You are too kind! And you obviously have an eye for beauty! ;p hehe

Zetsuai! You big sweetheart, thank you so much! *huggles back*

Caroline, thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments and I thank you very much for selling me those Tezuka cels. I love them dearly *hugs*

Lemar, hey new daddy! Thanks for the congrats, hope you''re doing well. :)