Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!
last modified: Sunday, October 15, 2006 (11:23:10 AM)
This was quite a weekend! @_@ I will recap in chronological order...

Thursday, we received a phone call from EB Games about the Nintendo Wii preorder. The manager said they would get about 50 systems. Which sounded generous and overly reasonable. The preorder deposit was reduced from $100 to only $50. More good news! So, we took a lot of old DVDs that weren't worth reselling online and traded them in that evening. We got about $200 in credit, which was nice!

Later that evening, we speak with another employee. Apparently, they are slated to receive only 20 systems. @_@ We get a little scared by this news. We rush home and eagerly await the next morning...

Friday the 13th. Getting up at 8am, we rush to the store, making it only about an hour before they officially open. There was already a small line of people. There are rumors floating through the line:

"They only have 17 systems..."

Surely not, right? 17? But alas, it's true. There were probably 20 and 3 employees were allowed to preorder their own. Makes sense. Still kinda sucked tho. We stand there for quite some time, when finally the manager steps out and confirms the rumor. They only have 17 systems available for preorder. Anyone who receives the paper he's handing out will be guaranteed a system.

He begins to hand out the sheet of paper to each and every lucky person in line. The last sheet is handed out... lucky number 17... TO US!!! I squeal with delight, as several unhappy folks behind me groan and scatter. Truly freakin' awesome.

Saturday, we had a huge scare. I'm sitting in bed, playing Trace Memory on my DS, when Senor receives a phone call from his mom. Apparently, she's stuck at the mall with Senor's sister, waiting for Senor's dad to come back and pick them up. They've been waiting for over an hour and have grown worried. Well, we shoot out to their side of town and begin searching the few places he might've visited.

Senor's theory from the beginning is that Dad went to wait for them at the wrong entrance. He asks if Mom and sis have checked the other entrance. "Uh....no" And why not? Some how, in all this, they didn't bother to check the other entrance. On top of which, once Senor suggested they do, they STILL NEVER CHECK!

My theory is that he's fallen asleep somewhere. He's a serial napper, for sure. Well, if you combine Senor's theory with my own, you basically discover what ultimately happened...

We finally receive a call from him, asking where WE are! Turns out, he fell asleep waiting for them at the wrong entrance. He forgot his cell phone, as always, and that's why he never answered the phone. Before the night was over, we were all worried sick about him. But I'm glad it was just a stupid misunderstanding.

Now for the end of this blog. The official website for the new GR anime has been revealed! You all know I'm excited ^_~ It's based more on Yokoyama's original comic and has nothing to do with the OAV series. Looks pretty interesting. The robot designs are fabulous! The new manga/comic series also looks fantastic.


I should celebrate by uploading new cels, but that requires effort >_< hehe

This has been a wild weekend.
re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 11:24:06 AM

It does sound like you have had one interesting weekend! But alas, alls well that ends well. :D Congrats on being lucky #17 and getting Wii findally. I don''t plan on getting the system until I beat all my GameCube games LOL.
I''m glad everything turned out ok with the dad. That can be really scary when you are waiting and the person doesn''t show up. That''s why I always tell my parents to carry their cell phones (my dad always forgets even though he always carries his business one around). I would have been quite scared too.
Guess what! I bought a new digital camera and been taking mad pictures of everything, including my engagement ring. I''m still contemplating posting it though (except on MySpace since my entry is private). Gah...! O_o LOL I MISS YOU BABE!!! *uberhugs*

re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 11:30:07 AM

Awww, thanks SME. I''ve missed you too! It was indeed a scary thing to happen. What is it with dads forgetting their cell phones?! Ugh, drives me crazy! You better post pictures! I wanna seeeeeeeeee! I''ve missed you a lot too. Just been really swamped with stuff -_- Hope you''re well, miss you soooo much! *big huggalos*

re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 12:07:11 PM

Your lucky. My Gamestop only preordered 10 systems. So I had to go at 7:00 AM and stand in the freezing cold to get one. The store didn''t open till 10:00 AM. The employee got their at 9:00 AM but refused to let us in until 10:00 AM sharp. What a jerk! Glad you were able to get a Wii system also!

GR revealedSunday, October 15, 2006 - 1:43:08 PM

Boo! No Imagawa animated GR :(
But, he is scripting the manga in Champion Red and the first installment is out and guess who shows up? The Celestial 9! I''m sure it won''t fit perfectly into the GR OVA continuity, but at least we''ll see our old favorite characters. I''m just disappointed that no one picked up the GR manga started about 2 years ago done by the character and mech designers :(

Glad you got to preorder Wii, I''ll get one when Phoenix Wright comes out ^_^

re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 2:03:35 PM

Wow -- that is one wild and crazy weekend. I hope the week to come is a lot calmer. But, on the plus side, even though things were nutso, at least it was all positive stuff! I am so, so glad Senor''s father was OK! What a huge relief that must have been. Scary, scary, scary! And, what awesome, amazing news for the new gaming system. Congrats!! *hugs*

re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 6:46:51 PM

That''s pretty intense Logo, but at least you were able to successfully preorder! :D I know there will be more systems available before launch (this was probably wave one of many more to come) but I just couldn''t wait...

Gordon, doesn''t Trauma Center interest you? Or Metal Slug Anthology? Don''t forget all those great downloadable classic NES, SNES, Genesis and N64 games XD

Tell me about it Tex. We were so scared. But I had a feeling everything was fine. My mother and sister in law both have a tendency of overreacting over things like this. Still, it''s our collective greatest fear that he will turn up missing one day... *deep sigh*

Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 10:07:53 PM

Toni, don''t temp me! I''ve sworn not to by any new systems on release day ever again. Me and my wallet have been burned many a time by being an early adopter of new technology. I admit, there are many games on the Wii that interest me including those you mentioned (except the ''retro-loads''), but I want to "Accuse" with authority on the Wii! Besides, I still have a ''pile of shame'' to play through on this gen''s systems XD

re: Father disappeared, GR revealed, Wii secured!Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 10:46:02 PM

LOL, congrats on snagging a spot on the pre-order list and just in the nick of time to boot ^^! Sounds about like what happened at the EB here, but I''m not really a wait in line person...luckily every other gamer I know is, and I will have many people to "borrow" from XD!