Brinks. Barks. Blast.
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The Brinks guy came Thursday at 8am on the dot. I was kinda groggy but curled up with my tea and let him get to work. We walked through the house, so Pete (the Brinks guy) could see what was to be done. He looked a little scared. I only learned later that, 1) he's never done a two-story house before, 2) he's never done a house with only hardwood floors (and absolutely no carpet), 3) he's never done a house as old as ours (it was built in 1912).

As I'm sitting in the kitchen, talking to a friend, Pete walks by a few times. I hear him make a few phone calls. Couple hours later, I hear the doorbell. Another Brinks person has come to help. Mind you, one technician is sent per job. A few more hours go by and another Brinks technician has arrived.

They were all very nice gentleman and worked very hard on the house. What was supposed to take about 5 hours for 1 technician required 8 hours and 3 technicians. @_@ The men didn't leave till about 6pm. I'm very pleased with the system, but it was an extremely long wait.

The 6 entrances have contacts, several windows are covered by what's called "glass breaks" and there is a motion detector in the main area on the first floor. All in all, it was a very cool and interesting set-up. The instructional DVD was hilarious, but aren't those things always hokey?

We finally got some pictures of the dogs and they are posted in our RS photo album.


Taking pics of 8 adult dogs isn't easy, so please forgive the quality.

Our babies are (in order of album display):

Muffin - our smallest dog, she's very spoiled and thinks she's tough
Mona - Very hyper and jumps high as hell. She's like Snoopy: sleeps on top of her dog house.
Maggie - the hippo of the bunch, she's a fat ass choco-lab
Lolo - my new baby! I love her to pieces!
Hershey - I call him Bagel. Pointer. Such a doofus.
Louie - The jealous one of the bunch. Choco-lab.
Chispa - name means "Spark." She thinks she's a tiny dog.
Guts - aka - Blackie. He's the Alpha male and old man.

Several of these dogs were rescues and strays. They are all very loving and some are impossibly spoiled.

And now to the Blast! part of this blog. Today, we (the whole family) had a very good time. My sister-in-law graduated with her bachelor's in Psychology, minoring in Child Psychology. The ceremony was lovely and we had a big meal together afterwards. It was really nice.

It poured today in Dallas, which was fantastic. Broke the humidity somewhat and made everything look greener. Today was truly a beautiful day, I feel very lucky and happy with my life.

Thanks for reading my entry. Hope everyone has a nice weekend. =) http://welcomeconsumer
re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 12:29:54 AM

Congrats on getting the entire alarm system up and running (I guess this means I can''t have sneak attacks on your house). :P Your house is so big it required not one but three techies to figure it out! :P Your dogs are lovely, and I commend you for taking in strays. All animals deserve to be loved. :D And congrats to your sister-in-law for getting her degree! Psychology is a very interesting field (as I am going to be marrying a Psychologist myself), so I wish her all the luck and success in her new major.

But now I must pick on you for several grammatical and spelling errors I noticed in your blog, since you are always hounding me for mine. :P Haaaa hahaha!

re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 12:49:42 AM

I knooooow! >__> maybe... hehe. Hope you had a happy birthday!! :D Thanks for the comment *big hugs*

re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 1:31:33 AM

Cute dogs! ^_^ It sounds like you had a nice week! And congrats to your sister-in-law for graduating with her bachelor''s degree in Psychology! ^_^

re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 12:20:21 PM

i already told ya in PM... the doggies are SOOOOO cute! *huggles and plays with them all*

many congrats on the sis in law graduation, such an exciting time! :D

love ya toni dear

re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 12:46:26 PM

Thanks ladies! =) I fixed some of the typos... ugh. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. Those dogs are my Delta Strike Force Team! We steal cels from unsuspecting collectors... you could be next... mwhaha :P

re: Brinks. Barks. Blast.Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 4:01:40 PM

Beautiful babies! I wish I could rescue a stray or two but my apartment forbids them. Drat! Still it is great eight babies! Cool!!!! Congrats on the set up and welcome to the mortgage world... oh so fun.