Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.
last modified: Monday, May 15, 2006 (11:41:04 PM)
Summer is already starting in Texas (what happened to Spring?!) The temperature bounces around between 80-101 degrees. While it's nice to have some free time to devote to working on the house, working in 90+ degree heat is not so pleasant.

We managed to build one of the bureaus for the bedroom. When we proceeded to build the second one, three of the tracking wheels were cracked. Puts a kink in our schedule because now we need to contact the company for replacement parts, but we may work on the nightstands while we wait. Naturally, we have matching bureaus and nightstands, heehee.

One bit of fantastic news is the kitchen cabinets: finally paid off! The problem was the company we were working with. We received an estimate from them many months ago but we had to take care of others things first. Then, when we were able to complete the transaction, we had to deal with new people and they were changing locations. We came back on the day they told us to and they had already moved. Guh. In the meantime, we installed the bathroom tile. Finally, we visited them this past week and got everything set up =D

In the last two weeks, we attended Comicon and Free Comic Book Day. Michael Gross was a guest at Comicon because he was in all four Tremors movies. I was dying to get an autograph because he was my favorite TV dad of all time (Family Ties). But I just couldn't bring myself to get his autograph because they did not have any posters or promos from Family Ties, plus the series is not on DVD yet. =\ I really wanted his autograph as "Steven Keaton" but it just wasn't in the cards for me.

Comicon was a lot of fun though. Always is. It's a small, reasonably priced convention that's low fuss, low muss. We managed to finally land a Batgirl figure from The Batman series. Can someone tell me why female characters are always short-packed? Crazy.

Bob and I also got to judge something called a "laptop battle." It's a live, improv music competition where the contestants use certain programs to create music on the fly with their laptops (and perhaps other attachments). We'd never heard of it before but it was SO COOL! The artists were extremely talented and very entertaining. Blew us away. Two winners were tied for the top spot so they split the $500 prize.

In cel related news, we decided to collect some opinions. We've had some dicussions with fellow collectors and picked their brains about preferences. Since this is our blog, we'll quickly summarize our opinions here (you've been warned):

We like to see cels with backgrounds, either matching or something that simply compliments the cel. We prefer not to see the edges of cels. It's nice and very much appreciated to see descriptions for every cel, it's sad when a cel has nothing :( Screencaps are cool! Coming Soon sections, either public or hidden, is the right of every collector who chooses to have one (you're bank statement has your name on it, right?) Being on the front page doesn't mean you'll win the lottery, thus it's not a big deal. People notice when you blog everyday just to bury people you don't like. If you cannot afford a cel and cannot produce the means to purchase the cel, then let it go. I know that opinion pisses off a lot of folks, but it's our opinion. If the choice is between paying rent and owning a piece of plastic, please pay the rent. If you have an opposing opinion with a legitimate argument against this opinion, we'd love to hear it. We're always up for a good discussion but simply spitting vemon on us is not going to convince us that a cel is somehow more important than food, rent and good credit.

Not trying to cause waves here but RS blogs don't get topic locked like Beta posts do. Seemed like a safe place to express ourselves. Not trying to tick off anyone but it's just how we feel. Feel free to tell us what you think if you disagree.
re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Monday, May 15, 2006 - 11:43:48 PM

wow! Sounds like the house is coming up great :D All the problems will pay off in the end. Pictures! mwhaha! XD I understand what you mean with the paying rent or cels. I mean common sence but a lot of people dont have it then complain to the world about one or the other. And yes boy do I know about the Texas heat XD...It actually wasent to bad today although yesterday was a different story xx;....ttyl <3 *hugs*

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Monday, May 15, 2006 - 11:56:34 PM

You should come to Dallas sometime! Maybe for A-kon or something. There are so many conventions in Dallas (nearly 1 each month... O_O) We have some "before" pictures of the house, but not many of the "after." Need to fix that.

I can understand someone over extending themselves when buying cels maybe once but it''s just not worth destroying your future with ruined credit. Thanks for understanding that my post was just an expression of our general opinion and not some personal attack aimed at anyone.

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 12:39:46 AM

Yes, setting priorities is very important. Myself being older and having worked for a number of years am able to have the ability to set aside a certain amount each month for our hobbies but that is after paying the house payment and other bills. Another problem some fall into is that they think that it''s easy to liquidate items for the same or more than they paid. I have seem quite a few who have found they needed funds quick but could not get any takers at the prices asked.
What makes RS great is the diversity of cels in all the gallerys. In that vein , each can choose how the wish to set up and display their collections. I can understand why you would like to see cels with backgrounds it does add to them in some cases , Some like myself will only display them if they have the original or a copy of the original background. The same goes that some will photoshop cels for display. It all comes down to personal choice and all should display their collections as they wish for the important part is that we all choose to share our cels with everyone else here.
And there is nothing wrong with a healthy discussion on subjects so long as all can respect and not get offended if someone might have a differing opinion. My 2c

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:02:55 AM

Absolutely Joe, I totally agree. I actually had to truncate my blog since it was cut off (too many words). In order to get the opinions posted, I couldn''t exactly deliver them in a "whatever you choose to do with your collection is fine by me" kinda way. But I certainly do like to see diversity. Like I said, your name is on your bank statement so you can do whatever you want with your cels, as long as you''re a contented collector. It''s so nice to meet people who are happy with their cels and enjoy the community.

The threads on Beta revealed lots of people did not use backgrounds and actually preferred to display cels with the edges showing. It was cool to discover why too.

It''s best to do what you do, set aside a monthly budget for cels and try not to exceed that budget. You''re better off in the long run. Because, as you say, you often cannot recoup the money you''ve spent. Especially if it''s within a limited timeframe.

Thanks for commenting Joe, I really appreciate that ^_^

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:09:01 AM

the progress sounds great! keep it up! :)

i agree with alot of your opinions--even though i''m currently guilty of not having backgrounds in most of my cels. but, my rule is stick to your budget. :) *but i''m guilty as charged again this month* but, hey, seriously, it kept me from buying anything else! lol i don''t want to right now--not for a while. :)

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:12:19 AM

oo by the way, my pretty sailormoon henshin cel made it to the warehouse today--so, i know your wish came true. ~_^ <3

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:16:05 AM

LOL, aww, thanks Jen-Kun hehehe. Thanks for the encouragement about the house! :D

Well, let me be clear, we just meant that we -like- to see backgrounds with cels, because that''s the way you see them in anime. But I certainly don''t mean to make anyone feel bad for not using BGs. That''s their business. And certain cels don''t need BGs anyway (like model cels and some hankens).

We are all a little naughty with our cel budgets, to be sure. But if that''s a constant problem, you might be an addict. hehe

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:16:33 AM

Really?!?! Awww yay!!!! I''m so glad to hear that Jen! I can''t wait to see it in your gallery <333

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 3:44:59 AM

Congrats on the house! Sounds like it''s coming long nicely. Pictures should definitely be in the works...I love the idea of building a house the way you want it and to your specifications. I''m currently looking for beachfront property here to build a house on but the hunt is rather difficult.

And I don''t wanna hear about the Texas heat...we didn''t have a Spring here in FL. It wasn''t even winter, it was like fall then summer. And we''re so dry here it''s like the hell of 1998 here again...so yea no spring for us. :P

And your opinions (which is one of the biggest things I humbly respect about you ^^): I''m guilty about the backgrounds, but actually this past week I purchased about 10 closely matching bgs to my cels so I''ll be updating with that soon. Before I didn''t care too much, but now it would be nice for it to be complimented. And you know I 300% agree with you about what''s more important: cels or food/rent/living. Like Joe mentioned, I set an amount for my hobbies (which just isn''t cel collecting) AFTER I''ve taken care the necessities. I LOVE to eat out and try various restuarants, so that -mysteriously- takes up most of my extra salary, but I always have enough to take care of my hobby needs. I too, have to agree that common sense isn''t a trait found in most people today...and for cel collecting it''s no different. You got a lot of nice points there, and if opinions bother people *so* much that it ticks them off, hate to break it to you but life is short...get off your arse and enjoy it! :D

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 3:54:11 AM

LOL, I love you wifey! You always make me laugh. Ya know, when I was typing this blog, I totally thought about the restaurants thing. You and I just cannot and will not be denied new restaurants!!! *_* I do love cels, but like you said, there are other things out there.

You know what''s weird? I look at your cels and never realized they didn''t have backgrounds (I know that sounds insane...) But for some reason, it just didn''t occur to me. Maybe white suits them? LOL. I can''t wait to see your updated scans tho! I know how much work you put into your collection and I''m always impressed to see your updates/additions/revisions.

Why aren''t you in bed?! Why am I not in bed?! @_@

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 7:20:43 AM

Glad to hear your house is coming along nicely :)

I have to admit to being a tad jealous about the weather there. Here in WV it''s been a rather steady 50-60 with rain and wind. I''m confused...my SUMMER break just started and someone seems to be hiding the summer weather.

I have to also agree...I like to see cels with backgrounds. One of these days when I''m actually making money and not spending it on school I''d like to get nice backgrounds for all my cels. Or atleast get better a better photoshop-type program (and some computer skills). I''d like to learn how to screencap too, so many things to do.

Hope you''re seeing more nice weather today and enjoying your home!:)

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 9:26:06 AM

Was there something NOT to agree with in your blog somewhere?? ~_^ I guess since I am famous (infamous?) for my cheapskatedness, I definitely don''t run the risk of not being able to make the rent because of my wild spending sprees. But we have heard lots and lots of cries for help lately, haven''t we. I guess I''m with Joe in that I''m "more mature" (I REFUSE to say OLD! hahaha!) so maybe my cheapskate ways just come from living longer on the planet or something.

And as for the background issue, I''m completely with you there too. I have a stupid number of backgrounds that are just power blasts and motion streaks etc. because I love to see my own cels on a complimentary background. And I always crop mine to the "done" edges so that you can''t see the unfinished bits around the sides that didn''t show in the finished product. But again, I have my RS gallery merely for my own enjoyment, so I never really thought much about how OTHERS would like to view my stuff... glad a few people like ''em like I like ''em! And I also am a big fan of reading people''s comments of their cels... I think it''s sad when they have a whole gallery or gorgeous items, but not one word of description of why THEY liked that particular shot. I love to read long, passionate descriptions in people''s galleries, especially if I haven''t seen the show.... Like your Giant Robo section, I feel like I''ve seen the show from reading your wonderful descriptions. I love ''em.

But anyway, good luck on finishing up your house. We are just embarking on renovating our attic into 2 bedrooms and a bathroom for our boys, so I''m sure I will be commiserating with you on construction delays soon enough! I would add my vote to the others who said they''d like to see photos of your tile work, etc. Show us your handiwork!! ^__^


P.S. Can you pleeeeaaaase share some Texas summer with us poor midwesterners who have had nothing but cold and rain for a week, with another week of the same to look

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 1:30:25 PM

Thanks very much for the comments guys! And boo for hot weather! hehe ;)

I just know so many people get offended so easily on here and I wanted to make it clear that I wasn''t trying to start a fight. Can''t seem to express an opinion anymore without people going nuts. But I''m very pleased to hear you guys understood my tone =)

New agenda: post pics of the house! Thanks so much for the encouragement <3

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 11:36:19 PM

Agreed. Cels are nice, but there are so many more important things in life. It must be an age thing. Once horomones are settled and/or controlled, things like cels, games and DVDs take a back seat to the more important things in life. Luckily (or unluckily) Toni has me to keep her from blowing all our money on plastic. ;)

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - 12:18:14 AM

Oh shush you! No one asked YOUR opinion about this. heehee ^___^ Thanks for being my support and my sanity. Where would I be without you? <3

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - 11:20:17 AM

By the by, the company has alerted me that they are sending out the replacement parts. Should be here in a couple of days. Oh and the closet is done! :B

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - 12:52:56 PM

I''m so proud of you! :D Can''t wait to build that sucka!

re: Summer. House. Comicon. Exhortation.Monday, June 05, 2006 - 2:20:00 PM

hey! thanks for the kind words about my gallery. nice to know people actually look at it ;) i adore your artwork. especially that pastel piece blue lady. keep it up!