Rubber Legs.
last modified: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 (1:08:52 AM)
My legs are rubber! T-T We've finished applying the adhesive and the tile in the bathroom. Today we grouted... which was time consuming! It's fun but hardwork, and murder on our legs! The results are fulfilling and make it all worth while though. Tomorrow we'll mop, polish and seal the floor. Then install the sink and the bathroom will be done! (as done as it needs to be for us to move in, at any rate).

With all the household remodeling, the webcomic has taken a backseat. It's unfortunate, but we're working on our future and the house is very important. We are still updating, but the schedule is off. We should be able to move into the house in about 2 months, which will allow us to get back to normal updates once again.

I was thinking the other day about the cel community and how important it is. In other words, I couldn't tell some of my friends about what I've bought cel-wise because they wouldn't care. They might listen, but they definitely don't "get" the hobby. Displaying your gallery with all your cels is satisfying. I enjoy sharing the artwork with people I know who will appreciate it. Even if you don't like the same series as me, you can still comprehend my desire to throw away my money on pieces of painted plastic. LOL ^__^

Here are our latest updates.

Apologies pan cel from Giant Robo

Takeshi from Devilman Lady

Mondo & Rockna from Mon Colle Knights

Alexander Senki from Reign: The Conqueror

Issei, Koushin, Kaei from Giant Robo

Black Jack & Pinoko


She-Ra with sword

Teela & Man-At-Arms from He-Man

Charlotte Elbourne


Thanks for reading my post. Hope everyone had a nice Monday ^_^ http://welcomeconsumer.com

Update: Oh, I almost forgot to mention! We added something else to our gallery, but it's not a new cel. It's visible on the main/home page of our gallery, so please have a look. See if you can find it :) I'd love to hear your guesses. Hint: It's something small and pink. Good luck!
re: Rubber Legs.Friday, April 28, 2006 - 10:01:59 AM

Nice cels. I am jeleous.