Wedding Bells.
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Not for meeee! Not yet, at least ;) Fooled ya didn't I?! >:) heehee. As for us, we plan to elope to Hawaii. Just a matter of coordinating our schedules. ^_^ LOL

We attended the wedding of my mentor's daughter. It was such a lovely ceremony and reception. There were a ton of people there too! My mentor's wife is a local attorney with a very good reputation, so the bride joked that the majority of the guests were there to see her mother. ^_^

I've never seen a Jewish ceremony in person before. Photography is not allowed during the exchanging of vows, as it is considered a sacred ceremony. The Hebrew blessings were lovely.

The reception was a riot. There was an open bar. Mwhahaha! >:) After champagne, cosmopolitans, and screw drivers, I got a little dizzy. Dinner was delicious. I roamed around and procured many tasty hors d'oeuvres. Buffet style dining is kind of nice, I prefer to not bother the wait staff. There were fish, lamb, beef and pasta stations. *__* Hog heaven for me! oink oink...

Can't exactly recollect how much I ate or drank, but all-in-all, it was a lovely festival and a heart warming experience. I wish the happy couple many years of success and bliss :)

On another note, I just wanted to say I enjoyed V for Vendetta and don't consider myself to have low standards. I can understand if someone doesn't like something that I do like. Variety is the spice of life, afterall. But I don't appreciate the feeling that I'm being insulted for my tastes or interests.

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The movie was fine. The comic book was okay too. Really, people are so afraid to open their minds to a new interpretation of their beloved geekdom, that they can''t see beyond their obsessions. After all, in the end of the day both the comic and movie achieved the same thing: They made money for the people who (actually) own the title and they entertained us. Movies, books, songs, comics, video games are all just different forms of entertainment and should never be taken too seriously. Anyone who thinks a comic book or book can be made into a movie without making concessions, just doesn''t grasp the reality of what a movie is and is not.

Oh yeah, and the wedding was nice. ;)

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I look at my collection of DVDs and I laugh at many of the titles I own. I know several of them are not Oscar calibur, but that''s not why I own them. Movies are just movies. They are not reality, they can be art, but they are ultimately fiction. Not every movie has to be groundbreaking or mindblowing. I don''t necessarily have to leave the theatre feeling changed every time. Sometimes, I just want some mindless entertainment. I want fantasy or escapism. If the purpose of a movie is to take me away for a couple of hours, then mission accomplished. Not to discount the film milestones, like Unforgiven, Godfather, Forest Gump, Gone with the Wind or Wizard of Oz. I also save space on my shelf for less "respectable" fare like Drive Me Crazy, 40 Year Old Virgin, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, etc. I know a bit too much about movies, directors and special effects, to be sure. Because I waste too much time watching documentries and such. But my obsession with movies is balanced with reality. If you like what you like, then good for you.

Oooo!Monday, April 03, 2006 - 4:38:50 PM

Ya fooled me! ^_^
I was all set to congratulate you!
Guess that will have to wait for later. ~_^

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don''t worry, i liked the movie too. ^_^ ::sheepish grin::

SorryMonday, April 03, 2006 - 5:33:13 PM

Sorry, I was just reasserting my dislike of “V for Vendetta.” I was really disappointed in the movie. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I just said it to lure people into writing rebuttals to my argument on my blog. If you like the movie, I’d like know why you liked it. If you can refute my argument, I’d like to hear it.
Sorry, Chris

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Darn!!!! You''re such a tease!! :P

Miss ya! Hope to see you soon!

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Ack, you got my hopes up! Tsk Tsk. And WHERE IS THE COMIC!?! Been two weeks you know. Tomorrow you will owe me two. Hmph.

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Great teaser line! Sounds like a wonderful ceremony. As for films though, Box Office has been down the past 3 years in a row, and is falling again so far this year (as are DVD sales and rentals) so something is wrong in the industry....

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I liked "V for Vendetta" as well. But I must also say that I prefer the book to the movie. After viewing the picture I think I know why Alan Moore wanted his name off the credits though.
I can understand why some things need updating or tweaked a little in the whole book to movie process in certain areas but in too many cases (This being one of them)I feel that a lot of the things that are changed are completely unnecessary. There is a reason why a particular book property is so popular with the fans to begin with. And for the movie industry or producer or director or whomever to go and change things from the source material for no other reason than to "Reach a broader audience" or the one I really like to hear is "To show you my version of it" is just obsurd. Number one, don''t talk down to your audience by dumbing the movie down. The audience is smarter than you think. And number two, I don''t want to see YOUR version of it. Your version is not what made it so well liked in the first place.
Sorry had to go on a little rant there. It''s over now. :OP
Oh and I think Chris(guyvariii) was trying to get me to argue with him on his weblog again. I was giving him a rough time a week or so ago about V. I''m assuming the "Low standards" comment was aimed at me. Oh well. Not my fault he didn''t understand it. ;)

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Thanks for the comments Mr. X. I can respect that ^_^ Actually, Alan Moore wanted nothing to do with it because he no longer owns the rights to the book. He signed a contract with DC that he would reliquish ownership until the book went out of print. It never went out of print. So, he''s bitter about that. But you''re right, he didn''t want anything to do with it. I can understand why they changed it from a nuke threat to a virus, b/c the book was written during the Cold War. A nuke threat just doesn''t work in our modern times. But Evey''s job changing was kind of odd. And Fate, merely mentioned and not present. I liked the book and the movie, but in different ways. Thanks for the post ^_^

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I just wanted to say a couple things about irmgaard''s post. I appreciate you posting :) But the reason there is such a decline in ticket sales is due to DVD, bootlegging and downloading. As far as DVD profits down, is because the DVD has been so incredibly devalued, and with the resale/used market, they are pushing the new Hi-Def DVDs. Blu-Ray, for example. With this constant double-dipping studios do, by releasing a movie about 2-3 times with single, double and triple disc sets, people simply stopped buying so many times. The amount produced is more versus what is purchased as a last ditch effort to make money on DVDs before Blu-Ray launches. There has ALWAYS been bad movies. For every 1 movie the likes of Gone with the Wind, there were dozens of horrible B movies. That''s always been a fact since film was created. People seem to focus on the lack of quality now, but that fact is nothing new. Trust me. My point was, I don''t like my standards being called low. Which is what I thought was happening. I''m not defending Hollywood, past present or future. Because, like I said, it''s been good and bad since the beginning.

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man, i''m a sucker...i thought it was yours by the title...but then I''m stupid for thinking that you would post about it so soon after it would happen.
~Kt <3