Thank You, Amsterdam! pt 2
last modified: Thursday, January 26, 2006 (6:25:53 PM)
EEEEE!!!! I received a parcel yesterday from Ami... containing 2, count 'em, TWO fruitcakes!!! *_* I love you Ami, please marry me. Hahaha. I have stashed them away in my "To Do" pile. I am so happy. *explodes*

Happy Birthday to Bfly Girl! Be sure to post your well wishes in her Beta birthday thread. She's planning a wedding, has two rings and just won at bingo! Does her luck ever end?

Gotta take Senor to the eye doctor today, he's an artist so he's uberly paranoid about his precious eyes. The guy practically has X-ray vision! But still complains that he is becoming mortal and that any loss of eye sight would be devastating. I humor him with these doctor's appointments but nothing is ever wrong. *giggles*
UPDATE: Just got back from the eye doctor. Yeah, ok, it's official. The doctor said Senor has superhuman eyes. His vision is 20/10. >_< I told him everything would be fine, but GEEZ! I'm so jealous. ^_^

I recently went back through my gallery and updated almost all of my cels with more informative descriptions. Eventually, I'd also like to add screencaps. But that takes time.

Question: What kind of arrangement do you prefer with your cels? Do you lump together certain characters? Or do you place them in a chronological (the order in which they appear in the anime) display? Also, how many cels do you like on each page?

I always set my cels per page display number to the max of 24. I learned recently that this practice is actually more helpful to people with dial-up connections (a single page loading with 24 images is easier on the dial-up browser than loading several pages consecutively). Something to consider when you look at the layout of your gallery. I do not have a dial-up connection and only go by what some friends with dial-up have told me.

New comic was posted earlier this week!
re: Thank You, Amsterdam! pt 2Friday, January 27, 2006 - 7:28:10 AM

I jealous of chad-bob''s eyes too! damn...

And until pretty recently my cels have just been in the order that I updated them. But at least with Outlaw Star, the new ones are staying at the beginning, then when "new" goes away, they are lumped by character, and the character is in no particular order, and i''ve changed my site to display 24 images instead of 6... i like seeing all my cels together.

*hugs and smooches toni*

re: Thank You, Amsterdam! pt 2Friday, January 27, 2006 - 12:36:23 PM

I swear, my eyes are not as good as they used to be. It''s just that they are not as bad as I imagined. The doctor let me see what 20/20 vision is like. Yow! I don''t feel so bad now. :D

re: Thank You, Amsterdam! pt 2Friday, January 27, 2006 - 3:55:55 PM

you should have my eyesite chad-bob!

*would kill for 20/20* o.O