New WC Comic Update.
last modified: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 (11:45:41 PM)
The newest installment for wELCOME cONSUMER has been posted: http://welcomeconsumer.com/

A character we haven't seen in a long time has finally made another appearance. If you can't follow the storyline, you're not alone. But for now, just enjoy the art. ^_^

Recently, we created a new section in our gallery called Art: (http://welcomeconsumer.rubberslug.com/gallery/master_query.asp?SeriesID=22446) There you can find some works that were created for us by our friends or by us as gifts for other people. Hope it continues to steadily grow ^_^ If you're an artist and would like to send us some art, please contact us via Feedback! We are always looking for new art or commissions :)

Originally, I was going to update everyday during the month of January. I got distracted and fell behind on that resolution however. T-T A couple of our latest cels were:

Donovan from Darkstalkers

Gabriel and Miruru from Tenshi ni Narumon

We finally put tile down in the laundry room and finished the grout. It looks nice but I still think the grout color is a tad too dark (not necessarily for this room but definitely too dark for the kitchen).

Underworld 2 was as bad as part 1. Worth maybe seeing in the theatre but definitely not worth buying on DVD when it comes out. Sorry, but they really jacked up the vampire mythos and I just cannot get on board with that. Lycans? Isn't that tree moss? O_o Hostel is worth seeing though. The main actor is hot *_*

The weather in TX has finally gotten semi-cold. It was in the 80s-90s up until recently. Can you imagine?! Whew. Anyway, hope everyone has a nice hump day >;) http://welcomeconsumer.com
re: New WC Comic Update.Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 11:50:07 PM

Oh my!!! You got it up on time! Now I can''t bug you. Hmph. Very nice pretty pictures. :D

re: New WC Comic Update.Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - 12:15:30 AM

Mwhahaha! ^_^ Not to say I wasn''t REALLY looking forward to you bugging me though ;) There''s always next time =D Glad you liked it. I know the story aspect might''ve been a tad confusing, but that was our intent. =B

re: New WC Comic Update.Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - 6:25:43 AM


I love you, and herman too! Sherman is still scary, as is what i remember from HS spanish, nothing! :P

Loverly additions, and get that house done so i can visit you. =P


re: New WC Comic Update.Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - 11:25:52 AM

LOL, aww thanks Laura! I always want to post in your blog, but I''m never fast enough T-T The blogs just fly off the front page, it seems. I''m glad we talked lastnight >;) I''m looking forward to your new additions. *helps fold your laundry* incase you didn''t finish. ^_^