Wizard World and Hellboy!
last modified: Sunday, November 06, 2005 (12:40:39 PM)
EEEEE!! Oh my glord! Wizard World Texas was so amazingly fun. It was a lot different than the previous two years, but no less enjoyable. The biggest event for me was getting Ron Perlman's authograph! Got him to sign the jacket of my 18 inch Hellboy. Everyone else had posters and stuff. But one guy did have a promo from the Beauty and the Beast TV series. Pretty sweet! My jacket was the most unique thing he signed. Here's a picture:


I was so excited and smiley that I barely spoke to him. Bob did all the talking. So much in fact that Ron said: "If you keep telling her what to do, I'm going to come over there." He's so gruff! We all had a good laugh and talked about my name. He signed the jacket in blue, my favorite color. Ron also has a firm hand shake. I just melted. ^_^ What a teddy bear!

Besides that COOL experience, we floated around the con. Mostly in the dealer's room. Bought a Lady Death 12inch figure, the completed Marvel Legends Sentinel figure, Cashern DVD (which is being released next year by Dreamworks), Lady Bathory McFarlane figure, some free pins from the Ralph Bakshi dealer, won a free figure from the Diamond table, and plenty of misc things. Here are some sample pics of what we bought.


Art room was spectacular. We met with a genius named Alberto Ruis. http://brandstudio.com He was fucking cool as hell. Talked about art with him for a long time. We wanted to buy one of his books but we spent our cash in the dealer's room. So he just gave us the book and told us to PayPal him the money later. Can you believe that? In this day and age? Nice and down to earth guy. And he's completely self taught. Mind blowing experience.

Ran into plenty of people we knew. All in all, another amusing escapade. We missed the porn stars from last year's convention. And several other booths were missing: DC, View Askew, Palisades, Anime Works and some others. This year was much more corporate. All movie and video game displays. Felt like a trade show or expo and less like a comic book convention.

Lions Gate Films had an annoyingly loud booth, but it was useful for one bit of knowledge: The Ultimate Avengers movie! If you have read that comic, then you know what great news this is! It's a Marvel Studios animated feature, direct to DVD. Can't wait... EEEEEE!!!

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re: Wizard World and Hellboy!Sunday, November 06, 2005 - 5:35:03 PM

cool, sounds like you had a good time. Oh ron perlman. how the good memories flow back. he seems so cool. beauty and the beast, there was a good show from my past. we just watched city of lost children the other night with im as "one" probably the most normal I have seen him in a movie other than mayber blade 2. enjoyable ato see some of the goodies you picked up, just wondering if your gonna have to build an addition to the new house for all the stuff you guys seem to have. bakshi pins? of what? and finally avengers movie? i feel so out of the loop.

re: Wizard World and Hellboy!Friday, November 11, 2005 - 12:39:14 PM

My favourite part was when Hellboy threatened me. It was AWESOME!