Wizard World Texas.
last modified: Thursday, November 03, 2005 (3:01:09 PM)
Wizard World Texas is this weekend (November 4th - 6th) at the Arlington Convention Center. I nearly forgot about it! We are so crazy busy, it almost passed us by. And the sad part? We have been staring at the tickets all week long. Never noticed the date. ;.; We are so dumb. Haha! But at least we didn't miss it >_<

Will anyone else here be attending? Ralphy perhaps? I'm really looking forward to it. I believe this is the 3rd year for this con and it continues to get better each time. More guests, more events, it will be a madhouse for sure.


Definitely want Ron Perlman's autograph on my 18 inch Hellboy (on the trenchcoat, woot!) Maybe I can convince Margot Kidder to chew on my head or something. She's so crazy. I love her. ^_^ Must snap a pic of her when she's not looking.

If you would like a 10% off coupon for the Wizard Store, follow this link:


And big thanks to everyone who posted about the WC comic update. Overall, I think we received more feedback about the latest installment than ever before. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it! (which definitely sheds some unflattering light on you people, sickos!) haha, just kidding. Just happy to see our demented sense of humor and pop culture amuses you guys. <3 http://welcomeconsumer.com

PS - I am no longer faceless on Beta! Magician is such a sweetheart, completely fixed the problem. Big time appreciation. Now I'm sporting one of the lovely avatars Roy created just for meeee! *hugs Roy* http://backlotanimation.rubberslug.com