Fan Cels - Help Needed.
last modified: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 (12:48:06 AM)
Pretty sure this has been discussed on Beta, in fact, I'm positive. But I wanted some advice here, in my good ol' blog.

I am looking for high quality fan cel artists. It seems several of the most famous websites and artists have stopped making fan cels, for whatever reasons. Which is too bad for me, I missed out. But I'm eager to find someone/some website or whatever that produces attractive fan cels. Basically anyone who is good at what they do and accepts commissions.

So, if you have any advice, suggestions, recommendations, people's names, websites, etc concerning fancels, then please post here or feel free to contact me via the Feedback system.

Speaking of fancels, several collectors on RS, including Ms. Poe, Mirai Peorth, Ralphy and others, have some very lovely pieces in their galleries. Some are so well-made, it's hard to believe a studio didn't produce it. Great stuff guys, truly inspirational! ^_^

Anyway, thanks in advance for ANY info you guys can provide. I greatly appreciate it. http://welcomeconsumer.com
re: Fan Cels - Help Needed.Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - 6:55:30 AM
cosmic skiv

Hi have you tried CHX? she''s pretty good and she takes commisions. You can find samples of her work at http://www.stubbornmule-images.com/ Hope this helps you in your quest....Cosmic Skiv

re: Fan Cels - Help Needed.Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - 9:47:39 AM

My sister is in the process...I told you that! :-P If you are interested just e-mail me because she is almost done with her first "example" of the stuff she''ll be using to create all her fancels. I talked to imitation-animation and she gave us some pointers on what india ink to use and etc. But e-mail me though! ;)

re: Fan Cels - Help Needed.Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - 1:02:40 PM

Ohhh! Thanks cosmic skiv! I will do that. SME, I almost forgot about your sister! I am eager to see her samples. I wouldn''t mind commissioning her. I need to compile images of what I''d like produced. Many thanks guys <3

re: Fan Cels - Help Needed.Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - 7:40:50 PM

Hey, WC ... if you find someone who is willing to do them, then please drop me a line. I may want to commission some in the future, but I''ve also found all the normal "sources" have dried up. Good luck in your search! ^_^