Giant Robo Updates.
last modified: Thursday, October 27, 2005 (12:57:37 AM)
For some reason, the front page does not reflect my latest gallery updates. RS hates me! =( haha

EDIT: Ah! It's finally working. I'm glad RS is back up and running again. It's always sad when it dies for a little while. I miss all my fellow RubberSluggers. =*( heehee

I have added many new items to the Giant Robo section. New cels include 2 featuring The Dazzling Cervantes, 1 of Taisou, 1 of Robo. There will be many more to come, as I scan and post them. Just have to work away at the pile that's forming. =\

Other recent updates include Chun Li and Vega in the Street Fighter section. As well as Terry and Andy in the Fatal Fury section.

Video Games Live concert tour was cancelled for North America. I'm bummed. Ticketmaster finally gave us a refund, but they kept $4.50 as some sort of surcharge crap. God, I disdain Ticketmaster. Why does no one compete with them?

Anyway, hope everyone is well. Take care! http://welcomeconsumer.com
re: Giant Robo Updates.Friday, October 28, 2005 - 7:08:14 AM

Damn, sorry to hear that concert was cancelled, it sounded pretty cool and you seemed pretty excited about it...the surcharge thing is pretty lame too!! :\

Ohhh all these video game cel updates...very nice! I''ve got two Kens from the Street Fighter Animated Movie lined up, but don''t tell anyone! ^_~

Oh and RS doesn''t hate you...it hates me too...it''s not showing my updates either! ^__^

It will eventually work...won''t it! *kicks it*