Giant Robo.
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We have finally got around to scanning cels and slowly adding them to our gallery. Among the series updated is Giant Robo, our largest section. To celebrate, I've decided to blog about the series. If you haven't seen GR: The Animation, you're really missing out on a stylish anime with impregnable substance and depth. Here's some very basic information concerning a incredibly complex plot. http://welcomeconsumer.com

Giant Robo takes place in 2049. It is a retro-esque future where the invention of the Shizuma Drive has brought about the third energy revolution, ascending mankind into an age of prosperity that began ten years ago. At that time, Dr. Shizuma and his four colleagues began to develop the drives. They were to be the perfect energy source; non-polluting and recyclable.

With this new revolution there came a heavy price...

Dr. Franken Von Vogler, one of the five men who created the drives, went insane and activated an experimental reactor core that was being developed by the five scientists in their laboratory in Bashtarlle. A core meltdown ensued, causing a world-wide energy neutralization field and an explosion that resulted in the destruction of the entire city, and the loss of one third of the Earth's population. The event was entitled The Tragedy of Bashtarlle and became the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind.

Now Dr. Von Vogler, along with his associates, the would-be dictators called Big Fire, dispatch a giant orb to float across the world, draining the energy from all major cities and causing global chaos. The Experts of Justice, a group of martial artists, scientific geniuses, and secret agents are set to stop Big Fire. Its members include Ginrei, Daisaku Kusama, Professor Go, Taisou and many others. Only the voice of Daisaku, the son of a scientist murdered by Big Fire, can control Giant Robo, a 90-foot tall war machine originally designed by Daisaku's father for Big Fire but now devoted to fight crime.
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Now you know what I have to say about that? W00t! :D Love you babe! *huggles*

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And THAT is why you''re my wife! I love you! *HUGS* Stay safe. I''m sending you all my good luck vibes and love, so Wilma won''t do anything bad. I won''t let anything bad happen to my SME. <3 Love you and please stay in touch. =)

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Ohhhhh awesome summary, it makes me want to watch more as I''ve only seen the odd episode!! How many episodes does GB run over anyway? Gotta love the art tho...although I can''t afford any more cels!! >__<