Rubberslug Returns.
last modified: Monday, October 03, 2005 (4:20:51 PM)
Yay! I missed RS while it was down. ^___^

Tons of new cels came in. Currently, we have about 50% of our collection online. Maybe even less, given the amount which was received these past few weeks. Which means tons of scanning =(

We have finally created a Coming Soon section. Mostly to assist in keeping track of our purchases. I'm not really a fan of taking images from auctions and using them in my gallery, so the Coming Soon section is locked from the public. It's really just to ensure we don't miss any cels that were purchased.

Don't you just love that, "I bought THIS?" feeling when you receive stuff in the mail. :)

Speaking of scanning, it's a lot of trouble and work, but I really do enjoy it. I prefer to color balance and control the quality of my images. I really love my cels and want to do them as much justice as possible with decent scans. Of course, some of the pan cels we own cannot effectively be scanned. We do our best with those. Likewise, there are a couple of cels we need to re-scan because I'm not particularly content with the quality (for whatever reason).

New comic goes live on Tuesday. http://welcomeconsumer.com
re: Rubberslug Returns.Monday, October 03, 2005 - 5:19:15 PM

And, thank heavens RS is back! Seriously ... I think I was having withdrawals! I kept hitting the "favorites" button for this site on my keyboard, and getting nothing. Each time, I would look at the monitor like this ---> o_O. And, then, five minutes later, I would be right back there. Geez ... how pathetic is it that I visit this site so much? *slinks away to hide in shame*

re: Rubberslug Returns.Monday, October 03, 2005 - 5:46:29 PM

OMG! You too? Heheheh. =) I totally did the same thing! I think the fact that it wouldn''t load made me even more obsessed with it coming back. So I kept checking and checking. I wanted to see who updated, who was chatting, who blogged, etc. I''m sooo glad it''s back. I missed my cels too, haha! ^_^