Botcon Day 2.
last modified: Saturday, September 24, 2005 (10:47:43 PM)
Whew! I had to skip yesterday's entry because we were so tired when we got home. So, I'll just post a recap for yesterday and today.

Friday, which was technically the first day of the con's events, was great. There wasn't a terribly large number of people at the panels. Friday was geared towards the TF club members and pre-registered ticket holders. The crowd was fair and friendly.

We attended the Hasbro/Takara Working Together panel, which was informative somewhat. But the speakers were very shy. The audio set up was lacking, so everything sort of roared/echoed. Powerpoint seems to be the program of choice for these panels too. The man from Takara seemed like he a lot to add, but never really spoke up often enough.

The Transformers Return to Comic Books (IDW) panel was kick ass! The Beast Wars 4 issue mini-series is what I can't wait for the most! So many of the characters in the comic will be based on all the figures that came out but were never featured in the show. Beast Wars is my favorite TF series, so it meant the most to me to see that. The old Marvel comics will be reprinted for $1.99 an issue (excluding issues which featured Marvel crossovers, like Spider-Man and Death's Head. Yes, I know, Death's Head didn't appear until the UK). Simon Furman will write or have something to do with all of the new TF comic series as well. There was a special Botcon exclusive cover issue #0 for sale as well for $1.

We accidently became the front of the line for the Friday Dealer's Room Preview. Pretty neat. We are even featured on their website (snapped a stupid picture of us without our knowledge). I purchased Depthcharge, but continued to debate on other TFs. Couldn't find red Gimlet though...(he's a lobster robot!) So the hunt continues... http://welcomeconsumer.com
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Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have a link to where they posted your pic? I want to la--er, encourage you. Yes, that''s it. ^_~