Botcon Day 1.
last modified: Friday, September 23, 2005 (12:37:29 AM)
I know I'm probably boring everyone with these Botcon related blogs. But we're super excited! XD Today we had to go and pick up our badges and exclusive figures. The badges are very good quality, heavy lamination (done prior to the con) with a schedule printed right on the back! All of the weekend's events are right there, around your neck with their spiffy red laniard!

We picked up 2 of the boxed exclusive figure sets, 2 of the loose figure sets, 2 Flame War exclusive freebie figures, as well as several other assorted figures that were for sale at the souvenir store. We also purchased the 2 V. Clone buggalos, Flareup and Ratchett exclusives (which are limited to 400-500 pieces, depending on the set). All of the Arcee recolors are just heavenly. The teaser pictures featured online really did not do them justice. I love every single one! The paint jobs and choice of plastics are great. Very happy with the exclusives.

The entire con staff consisted of grandmothers and wives! They were all so nice, too. Hearing a 90 year old woman talk about Deathsaurus is just hilarious. XD

Can't wait to attend all of the events and panels. The Saturday evening dinner might be fun. EEEE! ^_^ Expect more boring blogs as the days go by. Here's where we discuss all things TF: http://welcomeconsumer.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=345

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re: Botcon Day 1.Friday, September 23, 2005 - 12:53:34 AM

Grandmothers and wives, huh? I guess that''s why the con seems to be so well organized. ^_^ No guys to screw things up. lol