Anime Fest.
last modified: Sunday, September 04, 2005 (4:29:52 PM)
Whew! Dallas seems to have a lot of cons O.o I never really noticed before. Actually, we almost forgot to go! Haha! We are so crazy busy and stupid, that we remembered that morning. Glad we didn't remember after the con was done and over with. That particular problem *has* happened before, kid you not. We got the dates screwed up for a small Sci Fi Expo. Ended up going the weekend after it was over. There was a convention going on though... an antique show! I remember saying, "Why are there so many octogenarians at a Sci-Fi convention?" I just thought Captain Kirk and Wolverine were hitting it big with the older ladies. Great experience tho! Can't really top that memory ^_^ heehee

Anime Fest was a lot of fun. We attended Friday and Saturday, taking Sunday off. Might visit Monday too, just to kill some time. I didn't get to meet Ralphy, hopefully soon ^_~

Anime Fest is considered "small" by some standards, which is why I tend to enjoy it the most. More people attend each year, but it's a very nice, relaxing place to wander about. Met amazing people, shook hands, saw some interesting art and bought some goodies. Even exchanged some Nintendogs items with a fellow player.

Chowed down on milk tea, takoyaki (sp?), red bean cakes, chocolate breads and other assorted treats. Bought the diecast version of Kaneda's bike by Bandai. It's mind blowing. Topples anything McFarlane made (I have all of the Akira McFarlane toys and I love them, but you simply can't beat diecast). Sadly, could not find the scale size. The Kaneda figure included is definitely not to scale, he's much too big. No complaints here though. Akira fans really should not be without that bike. Internet pictures really don't do it justice, I've noticed. And the box is perfect for display (I typically open my items for display, but the packaging is pretty much ready to go as it is).

Purchased a new cell phone mascot, couple sets of gashapon, couple cels, etc. I don't think I purchased any plushies though, which is pretty weird for me. All in all, it was a great experience. I only had to drop kick one person, the least number ever! XD

I know some people had cons coming up, like KaibasTreasure. Anyone else? Feel free to share your convention experiences here too, if you want. Love to know what's going on in other states. http://welcomeconsumer.com
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Sounds like you had fun WC! I''m jealous...
*has never been to a convention of any sort*

can''t wait to see those cels though... ^_^

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^ Like she said. :,( But it might have something to do with my location--my state just had it''s first convention last year, and it was right around finals time . . .

But anyway, it sounds like it was a blast!! Don''t take too long posting those new cels. ^_~