Happy Birthday!
last modified: Monday, August 29, 2005 (1:00:59 AM)
It's one day early, but Happy Birthday mom! Today, my husband and I visited my mother and father. We all went out to eat lunch and have a nice time. It's fun to spend quality time with our loved ones. Taking advantage of or forgetting the importance of family and friends is all too easy. So don't let time pass you by, get together and enjoy the company of the special people in your life.

My aunt and uncle had a short layover in Dallas today as well. We decided to stop by the airport and socialize during their brief sojourn. They were on their way home after a week long cruise around Alaska. My extended family lives in another state, about 1,000 miles away, so seeing them was quite a pleasant and rare experience.

I believe they planned their vacation based on our personal recommendation. Alaska is a wonderful place to visit, particularly in late summer. If you don't mind the sun not setting for six months, I highly recommend vacationing there. Anchorage, Denali and Juno are especially picturesque, while Fairbanks is not. I would not recommend a cruise if you prefer interacting with nature. The guided tours, wild life and horse back riding are superb. The history museum in Anchorage is intriguing, with meticulous displays about Captain James Cook. My favorite animal was the Muskox and my least favorite thing were the mosquitoes.
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Happy Birthday to your mom!
Happy Birthday to your mom!
Happy Birthday to your mom!
Happy Birthday to your mom! :D

Mosquitoes. ACK!!! Hate ''em! >_<