last modified: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 (9:34:40 PM)
Purchased Nintendogs today for my Nintendo DS. Originally, I pre-ordered Lab & Friends because I really wanted to raise a Shiba first. But there was a shortage on the game, of course. The alternative Dachshund & Friends edition was a fine substitute. I opted to adopt an energetic male Husky and named him Moro. Technically, you can unlock all of the available dog breeds with Owner Points, so it doesn't matter. I will more than likely have a tiny herd of puppies in no time.

In usual Nintendo flare, they hit all the marks. The game is deceptively addictive and extremely intuitive. The behavior and demeanor of the dogs is immeasurably realistic and unique. Every dog has a distinct temperment, personality and skills. Some dogs are nervous and shy, while others are outgoing or difficult to train.

Looking for longivity? Never fear. You have Owner Points and Cash. To unlock new breeds of dogs, you must take very good care of your puppy. Train him, raise him, walk him and enter him in contests. Do well, and you will reap the rewards. Which benefits you as much as your dog! The more Owner Points you recieve determines the variety of dog breeds available for adoption. This means your little puppy can have some friends. The more money you have, the more toys, food and accessories you can purchase from the store. You can even expand your home with the Interior Decorator. There is lots to be done and plenty of time to do it.

You must train your dog to do tricks and be obedient. Additionally, you should take your dog on frequent walks, for exercise and to do his "business." Playing and running all of the time will result in a dirty dog, so you should purchase shampoo and a brush from the pet supply store. A clean puppy is a happy puppy. There is a multitude of items to find, purchase and collect, so keep your eyes peeled when you go out with your pup.

Nintendogs is an amazing experience. An engrossing and interactive pet that is enjoyable and just complex enough to remain interesting. The environment is peaceful, enhanced by the subtle atmospheric sound effects of birds, cars and, of course, doggy barks. The graphics are stunning; pay close attention to your dog's facial expressions.

Nintendogs is one of many shining gems in the Nintendo library. If you appreciate simulation games, deft incorporation of the stylus, virtual pets, or even just wonderfully well-made games, then Nintendogs is definitely for you. http://welcomeconsumer.com