Game of Words.
last modified: Monday, August 22, 2005 (12:35:25 AM)
I recently went to Toys R Us, during a "green tag" sale. Everything with a green price tag received an additional 25-50% mark down. I purchased several items, including some GBA titles. One in particular was Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. This point-and-click style adventure game was originally a PC title which was later ported to the PS1. There has since been two sequels: BS2 - The Smoking Mirror and BS3 - The Sleeping Dragon. Each were PC titles, then PS1 and X-Box titles respectively.

If you enjoy Metal Gear Solid, then you may be familiar with Kojima's "Snatcher" for the Sega CD. Snatcher was a true "choose your own adventure" style digital comic video game, ladden with heavy references to the movie Blade Runner. If you were fortunate enough to own and enjoy Snatcher, then you'll most likely enjoy the Broken Sword series as well. Especially the GBA incarnation. Sprung is another similar video game, but it is of the "dating sim" genre.

All of these games have something in common: a sharp sense of humor. Broken Sword is full of conspiracies and murder mysteries. Snatcher is a cyber punk adventure. Sprung is all about hooking up and back stabbing. Upcoming games of comparable nature include Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center. One is legal, one is medical, obviously. But each and every game mentioned above is definitely worth a purchase, if possible. I simply adore dialogue based games and if you do too, take my advice.

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