Piggy Bank.
last modified: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 (11:36:48 PM)
Something most RS collectors are familiar with. Many of us have probably busted a few open to purchase our favorite cels. So, let's take a little time to learn some more about our pink penny holding friend.

Piggy bank (sometimes penny bank) is the traditional name of a coin accumulation and storage container, most often used by children. Piggy banks are often shaped like pigs and made of ceramic or porcelain. In Middle English, "pygg" referred to a type of clay used for making various household objects such as jars. People often saved money in kitchen pots and jars made of pygg, called "pygg jars". By the 18th Century, the spelling of "pygg" had changed and the term "pygg jar" had evolved to "pig bank." This name may have caught on because the pig banks were mostly used by children, and the pig is a child-friendly shape that is easy to fashion out of clay. The actual origin of the name bears no relation to the pig itself. http://welcomeconsumer.com