Jem and the Holograms.
last modified: Saturday, July 30, 2005 (5:29:48 PM)
I'm confident most people remember this American cartoon series from the 80s. It featured catchy music, trippy sequences, a bright color palette, and stylish yet economical animation from Sunbow. Rhino acquired the rights to remaster and release this cartoon on DVD. Seasons 1 & 2 were sold together in a set, while Season 3 was supposed to be released in Parts (Transformers fans can empathize). Season 3 Part 1 was released and that was it! What became of Part 2? Unfortunately, like many of the properties acquired by Rhino, the rights were abruptly lost, Part 2 was cancelled, and the already released DVDs became instantly sought-after. You can purchase the Season 1 & 2 set for about $120 on eBay. Season 3 Part 1 goes for a considerable sum as well. Today, the God of Luck smiled upon me. Out of the blue, I found the entire (available) Jem & the Holograms collection at a well-known consumer electronics store. Brand new. Factory sealed. Perfect condition. No mark-ups. In fact, I got quite a bargain, even discounting the ridiculous price I might have paid from someone online. Can I resist the temptation to purchase the dolls? Those wonderful, crazy-colored dolls that came with cassettes featuring the music from the series. Perhaps there will be a Jem section in my RS gallery in the future, who knows. But having the show on DVD, remastered in all its psychedelic glory, is orgasmic adjacent. http://www.welcomeconsumer.com
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Sounds like an awesome catch! Congratulations!