Crystal Temple

Retiring :D
last modified: Saturday, May 05, 2018 (1:51:54 PM)
I've obtained some amazing treasures lately, and I know I'm ready for retirement when I no longer feel the need to fight tooth and nail for a cel of him. I also have some big house repairs coming up, and it seems like a good time to put down my collecting hat.
The gallery will stay open for as long as Rubberslug exists, so no worries there. I am still open for offers at any time. However, to be honest I'm still going to hang onto my Hellmaster cels, UNLESS the offer is amazing. (Keep in mind I spent $2.5k EACH on the two pans, so I doubt they're going anywhere until my death.)
Congrats to the winner of the latest cel of him, and I hope you all find your holy grails! I certainly found enough of mine. :)
Contact me anytime I am also on Facebook in the cel group and in the cel chat on Slack.
It's been awesome guys, thanks for everything!