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Re-Prioritized Wishlist
last modified: Sunday, April 19, 2009 (3:40:44 PM)
After so many years of cel collecting, I've finally revisited my wishlist and deleted a LOT. Starting out I was like a kid in a candy store, going "ooh, I want this and this and this.." but now at age twenty-five, I've decided to focus mostly on only a few series.
As EVERYBODY knows, my greedy quest to get my paws on every Phibrizzo shot known to man will continue until I die. However he is also extremely rare, so a few of my favorite anime series serve as a nice distraction for when the Slayers selection has run bone-dry. Yes, I'm obsessed, but there is room in here for a couple more series I just can't NOT collect from..
Ah! My Goddess was my second favorite collecting target for a long time. However, I've pretty much obtained what I came for. There's only two shots left that I'd actually go after now, aside from, perhaps, a cheap but pretty shot I might see for sale somewhere. So, with Belldandy and crew mostly retired, my third favorite bounced to number two:
Sailor Moon. :) It's a big, competitive world for cels out there, but happily I've settled on one character that I love more than any. Luckily, she's not that popular either - and only in ten episodes. Cels run cheaper and I'm glad because AMG killed my wallet for years!
As for other series, while I like them, I really can take them or leave them as far as cel collecting goes, so any new acquisitions are rare.
So, back to the original topic: my wishlist. I finally got my computer's DVD to work on the volume 4 of Sailor Moon S DVD so I have tons of new caps for my cels and wishlist. I've added some new wants from Sailor Moon, including two pan shots that took me a while to recreate in MS Paint. :) Phew! You'll also notice I killed off all the Phibrizzo shots and replaced it with a simple: "ANYTHING", lol. :)
I've collected for a very long time, and I'm happy to say that at least I'm finally satisfied with how it's growing. :D
re: Re-Prioritized WishlistSunday, April 19, 2009 - 4:50:52 PM

*applause**applause*!! yeah ive finally gotten over the "kid in the candy store" syndrome also.... and believe it or not, im happy to have! thats my next project, to redo my wishlist. ive finally grown up (collecting wise... well everything wise also. Focusing on real life finances is a pain but it feels better when you have $ in the bank after bills. congrats on getting focused yourself! i really think once you get to that "coasting" point in your collecting (you definately know what you want, and dont mind seeing the pretty ''fluff'' float by) it gets really nice to collect. good luck w/ everything! ...
oh, and p.s. no i STILL havent forgotten about sending you the $10 for the my little pony cels... lol, im just still getting my s**t together (financially) and PROMISE will send it off soon. thanks again! - BD16