Crystal Temple

UPDATE: Better pictures of cels! Yay!
last modified: Friday, September 29, 2006 (6:22:52 PM)
I used my parents' digital camera to get better shots of cels that deserved a closer look. Some are a little blurry, and I'll retake them later. What matters to me right now is getting them up.
Better shots in:
Neon Genesis Evangelion (yes, the Shinji cel!)
Slayers Next/Phibrizzo (divided Amelia's death, better shot of Phib/Martina)
Ah! My Goddess (TONS)
BGC OVA (Priss OP)
Sailor Moon (Mimette, Cooan)
New sketches:
Galaxy Fruelein Yuna (weird unmatching sketch that came with one of my cels)
BGC OVA (Priss OP sketch)
Slayers Next/Phibrizzo (Victorious Phib, Phib/Martina, Amelia's death)

There are a LOT more sketches I haven't taken pictures of yet.. are people here even interested in sketches? If so, I'll get the rest. Also let me know if you want bigger pictures of cels I haven't upgraded. Or if the blurriness of current ones bother you; as you will see some are sharp and some are not. I need practice. ^^

Also! I'm currently ironing out the details on getting a wishlist cel.
Hint: It's an Ah! My Goddess cel, and it's of Belldandy.
AhhhFriday, September 29, 2006 - 9:48:04 PM

the wonderful world of taking pictures with a digital camera. ~_^
I miss my scanner. And sketches are tough to get pictures of! Too many of them!

Ah, do the sketches if you''re up to it! I know first hand that it''s a hassle and a half though. ~_^