Crystal Temple

Beautiful AMG cels on ebay right now!
last modified: Friday, July 14, 2006 (11:14:15 AM)
Anyone see the newest stuff from Curt on ebay? Wow. I've never seen cels from the series sold WITH sketches. Must be pretty cool.
Almost all of the cels that I ordered are here. I can't believe how bad I've fallen for AMG! As a result, I'm selling a lot of my collection to try for some of the nice cels out there. Take a look at anime-beta if you'd like. Thanks. ^^;
As for my life, I'm working at a wildlife park for the summer (kind of like a zoo, but in the woods and animals have a more natural habitat in their cages). I absolutely love it! I'm in love with cows now. They're like giant dogs that just love to snuggle and chew on your clothes. LOL.