Crystal Temple

Whew, gotta slow down now
last modified: Monday, June 05, 2006 (12:33:16 AM)
There. That's it for updates for a while. At least it should be.
*Blows into her wallet to cool down her smoking cards*
There, there. It's over. *waves smoke away*
Acquisitions in the past week:
~a cel of Cooan (Catzy)
~a cel of Phibrizzo (oh yes.)
~a cel of the helper goddesses (everyone has one, and now I do too ^_^)
~a gorgeous closeup profile shot of Belldandy.
I'm in love. My collection is around 50 now. *pumps fist in air* I love this hobby!
re: Whew, gotta slow down nowMonday, June 05, 2006 - 12:58:32 AM

yes! *puts fire exstinguisher on my wallet too*

great new update! I like Bellandy and I love your Mimete Plays Twister cel too! It looks like you got your wish on all of these pieces! I am so happy for you!