Crystal Temple

Huge OMG! wishlist additions, two new cels
last modified: Sunday, May 28, 2006 (10:27:52 AM)
Hey hey! I went through and screencapped my dream cels from A!MG. Even if you aren't looking to grant my wishes, I think you should look at the screencaps. I love my capping program, and I painstakingly recreate a couple Peorth pan shots (one looks crappy but Peorth herself looks smooth and that's all I care about).
My two new cels are really nice too. The first is the omake cel I was referring to - the seller told me that they're excess stock and the more you order the better the cel will be! ($150 ordered or more and you get an omake). So keep in mind the cel scan itself IS NOT MINE, but the screencap below IS. I posted a scan of a sequence mate mainly so you can get an idea of how vibrant it is. I lack a scanner and he didn't scan it so alas, until I buy one, this will have to do.
The second cel is my first "funny" cel. I couldn't resist and I know it would have been gone if I hadn't happened to have insomnia at 4am and thus checked ebay at that time. It's a lucky snag! It's of Zelgadis being sent overboard to serve as an anchor. I've only seen one other cel like it and it's in Xellos's godlike collection. Couple frames after this one. ; Anyway, hope you guys enjoy as much as I do!