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Saw AMG Movie - revised entry
last modified: Friday, May 26, 2006 (10:19:50 PM)
Screencaps to all my cels added! (There's still one left; I'm 99% sure it's mine but I don't want to post it in case it really was a mistake.)
*phew* Well, what can I say? I could ramble on about how gorgeous the whole movie was, but I'd just be repeating what reviewers have all said, and not as well as they had. So I'll do this instead:
Uh oh - I'm part of the competition now! ^_~
I'm not the richest girl in the world, and I know I'll never hit the epic proportions some collectors have (you know who you are) BUT.. I intend to get a little bit.
I always thought Urd was overrated, but she looked absolutely glamourous! The most I'll want though is a nice close up of her, though.
As for Skuld, her final Goddess outfit was gorgeous and I intend to snatch one up someday. I also still adore her chibi angel. ^^;
Keiichi.. while very admirable, the only cel I'd be eying is the one where he's floating in his trapped body.
Peorth - she's pretty, but I'm not a rabid fan ^^; I just need one shot of her. Gorgeous Rose isn't an OMG priority. I know she has very large fans, and her design was neat, but I guess I didn't get bitten by the Peorth Love Bug. :D That saves some money on the pocketbook. She's the most expensive. x.x
Morgan- I LOVE her outfit. Gimme. :D
Morrigan- I'd be happy with a shot that shows her wings. What neat fairy wings! (I have a wing fetish, y'know.)
Celestin- I really liked the guy. He was hot, and he had a valid point. It's just too bad that he was too stubborn to listen to the arguement for Earth. :p And if that cel IS mine, I already have an AWESOME shot of him. WOOT!
I forget her name already.. o-o The cute one with glasses. I'd love a cel of her drunk.
And Belldandy, the star? I love her. A lot. She's a beautiful woman :D. Expect more cels of her. ^-^
re: Saw AMG Movie - revised entrySaturday, May 27, 2006 - 1:37:03 AM

Yeah the AMG movie is definitely a keeper! Celestin was a great character in this movie and I hope to get a cel of him someday too.

re: Saw AMG Movie - revised entrySaturday, May 27, 2006 - 12:26:41 PM

Did you figure out if the Celestine was a bonus cel? If so, how cool! Glad to hear you liked the movie and have some new ideas about what to collect. =)