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What a difference!
last modified: Sunday, April 09, 2006 (12:26:16 AM)
During a quick trip to a Wal-Mart far from home, I found a rack of anime DVDs - 2 for $14. I snagged Sailor Moon S volume 1 and 5 (the only ones they had). I finally, after seeing the DiC dub soooo many years ago in junior high, got to see Sailor Moon the way it was INTENDED.
Not many episodes into S, I gave up in disgust, being aware then of the hack job done to the series. Being a huge gay rights supporter, I just couldn't watch it anymore with the whole "Haruka/Michiru" (or should I say "Amara and Michelle") cousin deal.
Watching this uncut and subtitled has renewed my adoration for the series I saw so many years ago. And I love Uranus even more than I did then. :3
re: What a difference!Sunday, April 09, 2006 - 12:17:43 PM

You mean you didn''t enjoy watching that pink spore say "As iiifff!"?! What''s wrong with you?! ^_^

Yeah, I didn''t care for the dub job on the S and SuperS season. Too many things were changed or cut so that the impact of the series was ruined.

re: What a difference!Sunday, April 09, 2006 - 11:33:25 PM

I cant believe I actually sat there and watched the dub of S! I do like that they added "I believe in my powers" in Usagi''s lines when she saved the pink spore in Super S and proving herself right against Uranus and Neptune after the battle in S. Adding that helped me understand her rational while I was AND STILL DO, the highly reccomended and intended Japanese version/way. I am dying to see fansubs^^ I think I am missing an episode or two with my uncut ADV Japanese with English subtitles version.

I am glad that your faith has been restored! :)