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Okay, I'm nosy.
last modified: Thursday, March 09, 2006 (1:43:08 PM)
I've noticed several people mentioning things like nasty people rating galleries low, or forcing someone to close/restrict their galleries.
Who are these people? I don't want names, I just wonder what they're doing. Are they fellow cel collectors? How come I haven't been "attacked" by these guys? (Not that I want to be!) Where are these people? Are they doing all this via the feedback button? And most of all, I wanna know why they're being nasty. Jealous of collections? Or are they just being jerks for being the sake of jerks? What are they saying to cel collectors, anyway, to cause such pain and hard feelings among each other?
I will admit, I have been guilty of being a jerk in one early instance, but I have since apologized a million times over. The last thing I want is to hurt any of my fellow collectors. We all share a passion and there's no need to step on other people's toes over acetate.
I'm out of the loop. o_o I've never experienced any of this drama.. just wondering who's being attacked and what they're saying/doing.
I'm nosy. ^^;; If it's none of my business, never mind, and I'm sorry I asked.
^_^Thursday, March 09, 2006 - 3:46:45 PM

I''ve never experienced this either (thank goodness), but then again I don''t think my collection is grand enough to warrant such jealous behavior...

I can''t speak for anyone else, though. So yeah. I have *no* idea how/why this happens.

re: Okay, I''m nosy.Thursday, March 09, 2006 - 5:25:58 PM
Ms. Poe

Well, I posted about it cause I just heppened to notice it =/. I don''t really care, but if people are gonna fix the ratings(which has already happened...), or rate a gallery low to get back at them for saying something to them, calling them on their shit...Then, what''s the point to having the ratings system?

I WISH you could see who rated what. That would make people honest at least in their ratings. I caught myself doing it once, but went back and changed it cause I thought it was stupid and petty.

The last bout of "trouble" I caused makes me think my ratings dropped b/c of that member, or maybe someone was jealous I won something they didn''t? I know people re-rate galleries now and then, but my gallery went a month with no ratings change, and all of the sudden started flutuating all week with no # of votes changing. Then, after I updated, it went up from ppl rating higher for my additions I guess. BUT, I think the fluctuations before were those "revenge" ratings -_-!

Stupid, stupid people.