Crystal Temple

*swat swats at other bidders^
last modified: Thursday, January 26, 2006 (8:02:56 PM)
Get off my Phibrizzo cel! XD Lately there's been Phibby cels popping up on ebay and it's always me, ladyglenr, and some other random hopefuls that end up swatting at each other with bid increasements of a few dollars. Too funny! Then at the end we get all "grrr!" and try to guess the next person's highest bid - sometimes I wonder if they're pausing, wondering if I bid a crazy amount (like I did for a cel I REALLY wanted) and if their guess will be wrong in the last few seconds (dirty thing to do, yes, but I think everyone does it). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - and I'm still wondering if I want it that badly. The past few Phibrizzo cels have all been from the same sequence (where he points at Lina in fear) and since I fulfilled my requirement for one cel per sequence in that respect, I wonder why I try anyway.
But then there's that horrible, greedy part of me that says "HEY! You got the last one, let me have this one! How many Slayers cels do you have, anyway?!"
I'm not trying to be competitive but it bares its ugly teeth when Phibrizzo is involved. I shouldn't be like this and all but there's still that "I want to collect as many Phibby cels as possible" that screams in the hollow of my mind, under the more rational "you have ENOUGH, my dear, go after some other series for a change, look at all those anime titles in your gallery with only a 1 or 2 beside it!"
And then there's the even MORE rational, mother voice in me "YOU QUIT YOUR JOB, wait till you get another before you continue this wallet draining hobby!"
But I usually tell that one to shut up. XD
LOL!Friday, January 27, 2006 - 12:11:09 AM

I''ve got some of the same voices! ^_^