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So many cels to find someday..
last modified: Friday, January 20, 2006 (7:52:49 PM)
I was just thinking.. how so many people are selling their cels or giving up the hobby entirely. Then you have the fresh newcomers like me who have SO MANY cels that they want..
My wishlist is NOWHERE near complete, and at its current state I can't really make it much bigger. It's already crazy long. I should make a page with my dream collection - full of screencaps of cels I want. I can't imagine quitting this hobby for decades, because there's so much I want and I'm nowhere near finished.
I'm at 30 cels as of this writing, including the two in my coming soon section. See all those titles on my page? With like, one or two cels in each? Yeah. I want WAY more than that. Not out of greed, but because there are so many scenes and characters I want to possess and love and cherish.
Series I don't even have in my wishlist that might pop out of nowhere onto my gallery some hopeful day: (as in, no one knew I was into it and BAM! Here's a cel from it!) I guess you could consider this a minor warning for other collectors of this series. XD Not that I'm much of a threat unless it's Shinji, Phibrizzo, or someone else high priority.
Series that haven't hit my wishlist yet (but doesn't mean I want them any less!)
-Akira (Mainly Kaneda, Tetsuo, and Kaori)
-Saber Marionette J (Lime, Cherry)
-Galaxy Angel (Forte, Milfuelle, Mint)
-X/1999 (Yuzuriha, Satsuki)
-DNAngel (Dark, Krad)
-.hack//sign (Tsukasa, and his real life counterpart)
-Burn Up W (Maya)
-Gundam Wing (Heero, Duo, Gundam Wing with angel wings, Deathscythe with demon wings)
-Kenshin/Samurai X (Kenshin)
-Pink Floyd The Wall (I'll add this one to the wishlist as it's hard to describe)
-One Piece (Luffy. Yosh!)
-Disney's The Little Mermaid (Ariel as a mermaid, tail showing completely)
-Hellsing (Seras Victoria, Lief)
Then of course, there's the current series I already have in my gallery that lack some things I really want:
BGC: Lacks Priss very much so. I'm holding off and planning a huge spending spree on her next time I have expendable funds. Since she's common enough, I don't feel the urge to leap on every cel I see (unless it's OP Priss then it's war XD)
Rayearth (OVA): No Windom makes me a sad panda. I also would love Fuu in there somewhere.
Maze: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SOLUDE CELS? I can't find her. ._.
Evangelion: I want more Shinji.
OMG: I want one cel each of all the Goddesses/Gods.
Perfect Blue: I'd like to have a psycho!Rumi someday.
Sailor Moon: The only cel I'd really want is one of Wicked Lady, where you can see her entire outfit.
Slayers: Missing Valgaav (I just can't afford him as he is pretty common), a good freaking out Filia, a Xelloss, and a decent one of Lina spellcasting.
Tenchi: Still searching for good Aeka cels. Too many of her looking stupid/mad/cocky.
Utena: I love this series more than I let on. But god, the prices.. I actually want to eventually get every character in a good character-defining scene.
*whew* Yeah, that's it. XD
re: So many cels to find someday.. Friday, January 20, 2006 - 11:15:20 PM

I''ve been collecting for quite a long time but, I still kind of feel like my wishlist is too long to really ever think about completing or quit collecting for that matter. And I am selling a lot of cels but, it''s for a wishlist cel so that just proves I''m addicted and can''t stop doesn''t it?
I think with most people though the reason they get out of the hobby is to persue other things. Cel collecting can definetely be a time consuming money consuming hobby and often can and will make it difficult to do just about anything else honestly especially if you aren''t lucky enough to have you''re significant other collect with you. I wish you good luck with your wihslist though you''ve got lots of time to work on it. ^_^


re: So many cels to find someday.. Saturday, January 21, 2006 - 3:37:16 PM

Yes, good luck! I totally understand your want/need to collect so many different things, and not enough money or time to search for it all :) Just don''t let it get to the point where you''re so frustrated you don''t want to do it anymore (which has happened to me a few times) ;)