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I need to get a production cel of Shinjikun..
last modified: Sunday, December 25, 2005 (7:53:59 PM)
Well, here I go with a whiny post. I'm allowed those, aren't I?
I received the entire DVD collection of Evangelion a few days ago. I had forgotten HOW GODO IT WAS. I saw it about.. eh.. five years ago in a complete nonstop sitting at a sleepover. (though there was no "sleep" involved.)
So now I'm sitting here teary-eyed after only the third episode (I really get into the characters in my anime, I actually feel the pain with them, haha I know I'll be writhing in pain near the end of the series LMAO!) Now that I'm older, too, and realize I am the 22 year old equivalent of Shinji-kun I'm really going to be wallowing in EVA like nobody's business.
I guess my lament is - someone, out there, somewhere, has an affordable (for EVA anyway) cel of him looking.. well, hell, I'm not picky! I'd prefer him going psycho or looking kinda down (which I guess is quite common), but I'll take anything. I already nabbed all of the Celluclub cels of him.
Now it's onto the big guns. I'm not looking to own a ton of cels, just one.. maybe two. I'll die happy with just one or two of him.
Are there any cels out there that won't run me 500+? I prefer to pay under $500.. there's one of him on Rinkya but it's too damn expensive.. *woe*. If I scrapped EVERYTHING together I could buy it but I have to restrain myself there. Besides I'd rather buy OFF Yahoo!Japan because I don't need all the fees and shipping costs biting me in the butt, y'know?
I guess I'll keep my eye on Asylum Anime.
re: I need to get a production cel of Shinjikun.. Sunday, December 25, 2005 - 8:19:00 PM

I know what you mean about feeling the characters emotions, and EVA made me feel things that Ive never felt before. It was probably the 10th anime I watched but it still holds a heavy place in my soul. Whatever that means :p

I''ll keep an eye out for you on that Shinji cel. Ive seen some decent priced ones go by on eBay with BIN prices by seller *chachamaru*. You just have to really watch for them since they have that darn BIN.

re: I need to get a production cel of Shinjikun.. Sunday, December 25, 2005 - 9:28:21 PM

Hiya Sletia,
If your looking for something made the way you want it from this show ask Nathalie to do a painting for you she is a master painter, She did this one that I have in my gallery.

She can do the pic any way you want and she is very good at what she does.
Her RS name is Esca-fan and her gallery is Nathalie''s gallery.
email her and find out what she would charge you for a nice painting.
She is in France and you may have to sent her a screen cap to show her what you want.
Check out her fan art she has in her RS gallery she did it all.