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Those darn cel staples!
last modified: Friday, December 02, 2005 (12:15:36 PM)
Got my first cel w/original painted background today! I had NO idea backgrounds were so huge! It was stapled to the background so I verrrrry carefully used a sharp knife to pry the two prongs apart and off.
Another drawback was, while the cel was not stuck at all, it seemed it was at one point. Tiny flakes of black paint are all over the acetate and the painted portion of the cel. Nothing major. Just looks like a dirty cel. ^^;
Definately not getting any more new cels for a little bit - Christmas shopping + maxed out credit card = no cels for me!
I asked for a scanner for Christmas so hopefully I'll be able to decently scan the cels that had its picture taken with a camera. And the sketches too!
re: Those darn cel staples!Friday, December 02, 2005 - 2:07:33 PM

Hiya Sletia,
Make sure when you store your new cel with background you put the cel in it''s own cel bag and don''t store it on the background.
The paint used has sand in it and will scratch your cel over time and make it look like it is frosted and this can not be removed.
Yea those staples can drive you crazy, try not to leave those on any of your cel art, They will rust over time and stain your cels and drawings.
Congats on the new setup!!!

re: Those darn cel staples!Monday, December 05, 2005 - 1:25:41 AM

i understand how you feel; I got a cel still sealed with a timing sheet, matching key cel douga, and unmatching original background in its bag and I cant even get it open!! : (
every time i have made an attempt, some paint rubs ONTO the INSIDE of the bag!!! I dont know what to do except not touch it.

Anyway, those backgrounds are huge aren''t they?? I just started collecting cels myself---My first Princess Serenity cel with matching original background is almost 2x the size of the three layer cel. [then again, it has that same "dirty look" when i first got it ^^;

I hope you get your scanner, I have that exact same idea on my Christmas wishlist--if you''d like to look at one, check out Ebay and search for flatbed scanners--I found a HP scanner REFURB for $69.99, complete with HP photo imaging software.

Your gallery is great and I hope you have a good holidays