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Going on hiatus
last modified: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 (4:38:59 AM)
I have two major reasons to take a break from this cel collecting thing. Number one is after buying four wishlist cels in less than a month, my account needs to be recharged in the worst kind of way. This reason is practical and everyone can understand why. I've read many a collector do this.
My second reason is I don't know if my personality is proper for this kind of thing. I can't converse well with the cel community. My main personality flaws hinder me in many ways:
-I'm blunt. Very blunt. Painfully honest. I can't keep my mouth shut; I speak my mind. I also harbor no secrets. I'll freely tell anyone what I paid for a cel, where I got it, etc. I also get excited when bidding and have no qualms telling people where and what I'm bidding for and how much. It's the way I am, and as stupid as it is, it's something that I have trouble harnessing.
-I hate offending people. I am extremely empathetic.. though usually too late. In fact my worst fear is having someone hate me or dislike me. I am very insecure and nervous, I lose sleep over people online getting mad at me, so you can imagine what I'm like in real life. Couple this with my big mouth and you can see the recipie for disaster.
As many know the cel community is tight-knit.. everyone knows everyone else and have each other's backs. As a newcomer and with such a conflicting personality trait I fear I do not fit in very well. I blurt out my feelings to anyone and everyone. I am not subtle, and I have fought this for almost 22 years. I don't know why I was given two complete polar opposites (big mouth and a big heart) but I guess it keeps me from being a total jerk - I hurt people's feelings and then I hurt badly from their anger.
I know I will be mulling this whole experience over and over in my mind for days now. :|
I'll be around, you know how to contact me folks. But don't expect to see me posting much (just to update my gallery as the last cels come in) and definately don't expect to see me in a chat.
Thank you all for being supportive. Hopefully when I come back I'll be a better person.
re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 8:36:36 AM

awwww. You''re me! But no. Really. lol You should stick around. Amazing thing about the folks in the cel world . . . they eventually learn to love ya just the way you are. :) I too came around here with many of the same feelings and rather made an arse of myself the first month on here (ask the folks at beta about that one :P) They forgave. :) And now I think they really appreciate my wacky, highly unedited, very goofy self. :) I''m quite sure they''d come around for you too.

re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 9:12:26 AM

*huggles Kisara* (Where''ve ''ya been, anyhow, ''ya mad woman? ^_~)

Kisara is right, Sletia. (Not about the arse thing, but about the rest. *huggles Kisara some more*) It is hard to break into any type of community. Everyone has trouble fitting in at first, and we all make missteps and do things that we, later, might wish we hadn''t done. I know I sure have! But, it just takes time for people to get used to you and your personality. Eventually, folks will appreciate and love you just the way you are --- no worries. Just think of it in the same way as starting at a new school or a new job ... it''s rough at first, but, eventually, everything works out and you feel like you''re a comfortable fit. I hope you''ll give things another chance, because you seem to really enjoy this hobby. It would be a shame for you to quit. *hugs*

re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 9:53:56 AM

awww! There''s nothing wrong with being blunt. You just gotta remember if people take it the wrong way or take it too hard, it''s really their fault. It''s really hard to express your real emotion on the internet because it''s just words without feeling. I''m really blunt and harsh too...and even if the community is tight knit, you realize just with everything else that you will not get along with everyone. It just won''t happen. It''s like being in a sorority, and even though you are all sisters, there is just going to be a few that you just cannot get along with...mostly due to personality conflict.

Don''t worry about it too much...we all luvs you! :) Plus being blunt and honest is a LOT better than being an obsessive liar and attention seekers...those are the people you really want to avoid.

re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 12:45:02 PM

I don''t know how "tight-knit" the cel community is. I''m sure there are clusters that all stick up for everyone in their clique. But there are a lot of people who, like me, just enjoy the collecting and the bit of competitiveness it provides. I''ve been called a "mystery" because I''m around enough so that people know who I am, but I never chat, and I only show up to one con per year. (But if I did all of that, then people would think I was a creepy stalker ...) I enjoy contacts with other collectors, but don''t consider it my life.

I''d say back off a little and find your comfort zone. But also see where you are in the big picture. There are people who enjoy being offended and kicking up a fuss on any occasion. They''re not mad at you; they''re just enjoying themselves. There are also lots of people (like me) who appreciate someone who says what he or she thinks honestly and in a few words.

Stick around ... and, yes, update and recharge your cel account.

re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 1:14:54 PM

I can relate to your bank account needs. I think cel collecting and bankruptcy go hand-in-hand, it seems. 9_9 heehee. But you shouldn''t worry about your personality. You should be who you are, be who you want to be. Of course, we all need to be civilized, but you will always run into someone that will take something you say the wrong way. That''s just the nature of the internet. You can''t convey a proper tone with just text and emoticons. And we all have our own personal issues. So, you shouldn''t quit your hobby or alter yourself too much just because of other people. Ultimately, your happiness is paramount.

re: Going on hiatusWednesday, November 02, 2005 - 1:16:18 PM

Oh, and I agree with SME. And not just because we''re lovers... because she''s right! ^_^ hahaa!

re: Going on hiatusFriday, November 04, 2005 - 6:53:42 PM

Hiya Sletia,
I enjoy talking to you in chat and love the way you go after what you want,Thats what most collectors lack the go get''um way you do things.
Please don''t let others upset you and do keep intouch with all of us even in chat.
The money thing can be something that slows us all down at one time or another so take your time and when your ready come on back and sit a spell, I would hate to see you lose that cowboy way you go after your cels.
Heres hoping you find a wish list cel or two here real soon.
You take care now and come back when your ready.
Your cel buddy!
Roy backlotanimation