Crystal Temple

I didn't dare tell until I won it X3
last modified: Sunday, October 16, 2005 (12:15:41 PM)
I just won a cel of Martina on Y!J. Who cares, you may say? Well it just so happens to be a cel of Martina running while carrying Phibrizzo on her back! Call me crazy but I plunked down (in the end) 50 bucks for Phibrizzo's ARM. Crazy as it may be when I get a bigger collection of cels of him it will fit in nicely.
I added the cel to my Coming Soon section. Go have a looksee! And please don't say the joke I keep hearing (from the Simpsons XD):
Bart: Is this cel worth anything?
CBG: Huh, let me show you something. This, this is a Snagglepuss drawn by Hic Hiesler, it is worth something. This, this is an arm drawn by nobody, it is worth nothing.
Bart: Can't you give me anything for it?
CBG: I can give you this telephone, it is shaped like Mary Worth.
Bart: Awww.
CBG: No groaning in my store.