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ZOMG! It's Sletia's Weblog!
last modified: Sunday, October 09, 2005 (12:18:09 PM)
Well, here I am, writing a weblog for my Rubberslug page. When I first started browsing cel sites for awesome colorful pictures of my favorite characters, I never dreamed I would dive into the obsession! The prices always looked so high, and I never had a place to put them (actually, I still don't; they're more or less somewhere safe in my room). Then I made an ebay account.. then I made a paypal account.. and before you know it I was bidding on my first cel. Then I left the hobby alone, thinking "Okay, now I can say I have a cel in my collection of anime stuff."
Not so.
I began watching cel stores, thinking I'd like this or that one, but never ordering. Then animegame had auctions on ebay for some of his cels. Strike my vow, Akira from Maze came home. Then the SAME DAY I bought it, I began looking for more and more. Recently I ended up (still am, really) working out to get my dream cel with LON-sama, and ON THIS SAME DAY, I bought a cel of Lina and Milgasia (he's back to the screen) for 22 bucks. X_x!
Oh dear.
I've been bitten by the cel bug.
Welcome to poverty.Sunday, October 09, 2005 - 10:42:51 PM

Soon you''ll checking your couch for change, just like the rest of us!