Postcards from the Wired

Perfect Devil's nightcels
last modified: Saturday, October 30, 2004 (9:51:11 AM)
Well, it is almost Halloween so it seems appropriate to update my horror series Devilman Lady. Especially since it is Devil's night, though here in the Metro Detroit area we have to call it Angel's night now to confuse the little pyros and ruffians. It must work cuz Detroit doesn't burn like it used to this time of year!

A fine example of what me and my friends call Relena Logic.

What is Relena Logic? Well it is named for Relena Peacecraft from Gundam Wing and refers to scene where someone is asking her if her brother is responsible for the attacks. She asks by what name is the aggressor using? They respond, "Zechs Marquis". Relena responds, then it can't be my brother Milardo. And they accept that.

So, to us whenever you use a different word or name for something, that thing becomes something totally different though in reality, it isn't.