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last modified: Sunday, November 30, 2014 (7:31:49 PM)
The past weeks I've been busy, partly with business, partly with my last 2014 update, and then I picked up a nasty throat cold that put me down for most of a week. So it was a surprise to find that my gallery counter had gone over 125K sometime during this time.

These counter events aren't the festive events they used to be: part of that was seeing how Google bots made up a lot of the hits when I was about to go over the 100K point, which made that event a lot less to celebrate. Updates too used to occasion a lot more chatter and private mail, but now I'm happy with the couple of kudos that I get over in Beta. Still, I'm pleased that my gallery is still active and still being visited, though more quietly than before.

It does bother me, however, that this blog function isn't being used as often. I'm glad to see it starting to re-emerge in the RS community dynamics -- there was a time when there were no active blogs at all, and the "community" page on that website was a lonely place to visit. Now some of the chatter is springing up, thanks to some persistent curators/collectors.

But I'd be curious to get a sense of what the current RS community might find worth reading and commenting on. I don't want to flog dead horses, or talk shop about animation details that interest me but might be too technical for most visitors. Any suggestions? What about my collection/experience/enthusiasms might passers-by like to hear more about?
re: 125K meditationsThursday, December 04, 2014 - 1:08:59 PM

Heh. Nobody to talk to? Sadly, that''s what I was worried was true here.

re: 125K meditationsThursday, December 04, 2014 - 1:34:19 PM

ahhh Sensei…..I have been regularly reading and admiring your updates always, I''ve fallen deeper into that lurker mode, falling farther away from anime in general, the whole anime genre has seemed to shift for me, nothing really grabs me much anymore, and the few series that I have traditionally loved and collected from are so out of a normal human price range until, that is, you try to sell a coveted piece, then the now-collectors want it for next to pennies, I think I''ve simply gotten sick of the game? the contradictions? I''m not sure, gosh but I didn''t even realize the BWA started and not very long ago that was Major Important! I realize I have moved away from my cels, and anime in general, there are a few series that I will continue to have much affection for but none are even remotely new. My son has gotten a bit older, we used to enjoy anime together, but not so much anymore as he has other interests, several of which we share but all are lightyears away from anime….its really very sad for me, and while I do find myself still searching for certain cels/sketches, just not so very often now…….its been awhile since I''ve had that "feeling" we all experienced when finding That Piece, the thrill inside, it was so awesome……I have no answers, no ideas, but I wanted to say that I genuinely appreciate the efforts I have seen from a select few collectors here and on AB, your work has not gone unnoticed!

re: 125K meditationsFriday, December 05, 2014 - 12:06:38 PM

Thanks, tegga, I appreciate your comments on my gallery, and on the state of anime art collecting. Yes, to some extent it''s not "the next new thing," and so some of the fad-focused crowd has dropped out. But it does seem as if the community needs to turn a corner, as I have in my collecting (less "the new series," more some series that is artistically important in some way). I''m just searching for a way, and an audience, that will help me do that.

re: 125K meditationsSaturday, December 06, 2014 - 10:33:17 AM

okay so I''m rather saddened by my lackluster anime interest these days, but, well, how ''bout that yen/dollar conversion rate these days!! if thats not enough to generate some yj browsing!!…sigh…guess its still not too far removed…..