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AnimeNEXT, Somerset NJ, June 8-10
last modified: Saturday, June 02, 2012 (1:51:32 PM)
Anyone in the New Jersey area is invited to come to AnimeNEXT at the Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, New Jersey. (This is very easy to get to from I-287, exit 10.) It's a smallish con, but that makes it easier to meet and hang out with people.

I will be on two (maybe three) panels. One, which is my creation, is a rather serious talk about the ways in which some anime (notably CCS) deals with the developmental issue in which young girls transfer their affection from their fathers to socially lawful partners. Another will talk about the brony phenomenon and ways in which it is similar in many ways to the fan reception of anime.

I'd put in for a panel on "Anime under the Radar," in which I'd planned to talk about series that I discovered while cel collecting, and which I haven't actually been able to screen. (Like Microid S and Maeterlinck's Blue Bird.) But it's actually OFF the radar in the proposed schedule, so it may not come off. (The other panelists had their own slate of anime they wanted to discuss, ranging from Hajime no Ippo to Heat Guy J.)

So no cel/sketch-devoted panels this time, but I'd love to hang out with any collectors who come and could be induced to bring a book or box up with me.
re: AnimeNEXT, Somerset NJ, June 8-10Friday, June 08, 2012 - 3:44:36 PM

gosh if I wasnt such a stick in the mud I''d venture out there, but I can get lost in the Walmart parking lot lol and I basically have to be pryed away from my home. Such is life, hope you guys have a decent turnout, anyone who ventures to one of Sensei''s presentations will be all the better for it! Have a Great Weekend!!

re: AnimeNEXT, Somerset NJ, June 8-10Friday, June 08, 2012 - 6:12:18 PM

If anyone makes it to AnimeNEXT, the "Anime Under the Radar" is on the schedule. Look for the "black hole" in the pocket schedule, Panel 5 (Westfield) 9-10. Brony panel follows immediately in Ballroom East (da big time!)

re: AnimeNEXT, Somerset NJ, June 8-10Friday, June 08, 2012 - 6:13:04 PM

Both these are Saturday events. Sorry.