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35 year update
last modified: Monday, March 24, 2014 (4:07:16 PM)
I have been in lurk mode for the last few months as we had several real life problems crop up starting with the loss of a couple of family friends just after Christmas to having one outside cat “Midnight” go into heat so we had to get her fixed and that bringing a bunch of male cats into the yard one of which seriously injured Stan “Belles outside brother” so we had him at the ER vet then to our vet for treatment.

Besides that we had nicer things to take up our time.
Those who know us know we like to plan updates around things such as significant events like cats birthdays and such.

Today March 24th is a special day for us. 25 years ago our cat Snowball (3/24/89-5/24/09) was born under our bed on our 10th wedding anniversary so today we celebrate 35 years of being married. We got together with our families over the weekend and will go out for a nice dinner just the two of us.

As to our update we have added another Long Haired Akane to our Early Ranma ½ section. A new sketch from Mahorabo and a sketch from Spice & Wolf in our Misc section.
We also have a new section from Sister Princess which we have loved the detail that goes into each image but found it very hard to locate artwork from.
re: 35 year updateTuesday, March 25, 2014 - 10:01:55 AM

happy anniversary hugs