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25K hits update
last modified: Sunday, April 03, 2011 (3:22:37 PM)
Maria & I would like to thank to all who have come by to visit our little corner of Rubberslug as we have just recently passed the 25K hit mark. We are glad that some many have enjoyed exploring our collection.

To celebrate we have uploadrd most of what just arrived from Japan after the understandable delays caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

We have added to our Ranma ½,OVA , Ranma-Chan & Ranma-Kun sections.
We were able to find a nice “photograph” cel from the AMG movie in the OMG section.

Finally we got a couple of nice Hanken sketches from Sister Princess in the Hanken section. Thanks to Keropi for helping id the sisters for it is hard to determine some from a non colored sketch when you can not make out the hair colors.
re: 25K hits updateMonday, April 04, 2011 - 12:24:07 AM
Gold Knight

Nice update Joe & Maria! I wondered who got the AMG photo cel. I remember seeing it up. Congratulations on the milestone as well. To celebrate you should sell your AMG hanken genga. ^_~ heehee.....can''t blame a girl for trying right?