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Superbowl Update
last modified: Sunday, February 07, 2010 (9:00:12 PM)
Well after replacing my computer (motherboard fried), Scanner (old one would not work with Win 7) , new internet (sattelite modem stopped working). I am finally able to make my 1st update of this year.

I have a few different things this time.

I added 2 new comic art portfolios.
The first is a set of lithographis plates of covers from the classic EC comic Vault of Horror of the artwork by Johnny Craig who did cover art in the early 50's.
The Second is from Jim Starlin in which he illustraits differnt form of insanty.

On cel and sketch front I have added some To Heart cels , a couple of Hanken's from the World of Narue , a Hanken genga from AMG and some cute from Shugo Chara in my Misc section.

I hope you enjoy them.
re: Superbowl UpdateMonday, February 08, 2010 - 12:00:59 AM
Gold Knight

I think you kow my favorite piece of the update. ^_~ Congratulations on all the beautiful pieces!!!