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Post Comic-con update
last modified: Sunday, July 27, 2008 (6:56:23 PM)
We got back from San Diego Comic-con and had a lot of fun there. Met up with RS'ers Jenn B.(Jenn's cel gallery) and Mark McHaley (Backward Paint)and enjoyed being tour guide to Leah (aernath)Friday & Saturday.
Thanks to Dave (Nichibei Anime)Leah was able to get in line early and secure a "golden ticket" to the Kubo Tite signing Viz had.
Viz being the people they are you had to be one of the 1st 50 in line to buy an overpriced bleach item to get a ticket.

A lot of the artists I collect did not have much new stuff so my wallet got off a little easy.

I did get a Werewolf sketch from Bernie Wrightson , an original work form Susan Van Camp, a couple of nice prelim sketches form Mark McHaley (1 a gift), some I"s ova post production cels and a Glycee from Ralph Bakshi's Wizards that was limit to only 20 copies. I had to come back Saturday to see him and get it signed. I still have to take pic's of it and upload it to the gallery.
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re: Post Comic-con updateSunday, July 27, 2008 - 8:22:28 PM

You guys put up with me really well. ^__^
And a thousand thanks to you and Dave, getting me that Treasured Ticket to see Kubo! *___*
Me love you long time!