swimsuit model survives!
last modified: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 (6:01:03 PM)

Never again will I not have a clever answer to the question, "Why don't you watch TV?" I can point to this horrendous article that in itself is a reflection of everything that is wrong with rich, oblivious Western countries. It's not that I don't fully enjoy living in a rich, oblivious Western country -- because I like my air-conditioning, personal land ownership, and college football -- it's just that I wish rich, oblivious idiots weren't in charge of the media infrastructure. It makes the rest of us look like idiots.

Next on CNN: "12 Americans, 16 Britons, 3 Italians, 6 Germans, and a Whole Pantload of Brown People Lost in Natural Disaster"

As the ranking brown person on this website, I hereby give CNN and every other media outlet that does human interest stories on pandering, mindless, "famous" meatsacks the bejeweled middle finger.

And still, no one cares. I'm taking the first flight to Mars.
re: swimsuit model survives!Tuesday, December 28, 2004 - 9:43:22 PM

I hear you. I was appalled to see the model story next to the "up to 60,000 killed" headline.

When people ask why I don''t watch anything, I tell them "TV sucks" and leave it at that.

re: swimsuit model survives!Tuesday, December 28, 2004 - 9:50:01 PM

What a disjointed article.
We''re a little bit closer the the action out here, but still a couple of plates away, so had nothing big, but choppy waters. But, yeah, I always knew this island I''m on would go in the global warming, but that gives you some warning. A tital wave would wipe the whole island out without pausing a second. Kwajalein is only three square miles. I''m probably not the only one eyeing the ocean a little more closely these days.
The numbers of people gone are just so staggering, over 44,000 this morning and it just keeps on climbing as more information comes in! It is difficult to really grasp numbers on that scale. has better articles than SI, I have to admit. ;)