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Sellers Beware
last modified: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 (6:31:40 AM)
Time wasters, what are you going to do?

Normally I wouldn't do this but sometimes the community needs to be warned.

I recently was contacted about a DBZ cel, asked if it was for sale. I gave a quote and was assured the buyer wanted the cel. Just wanted another scan of the sketch and background. I complied with additional scans. Next the person wanted to know if I was trying to sell a fancel because the numbers weren't visible. Normally I let things like this roll off my back because some people are pains in the ass and need to be accommodated but in this particular case I just didn't have the time nor inclination. My daughter is graduating and I have a family obligations that are keeping me in RL.

So I just didn't accomodate this person, (I provided him with my ebay id and feedback as an alternative) and now he's backing out of the deal. Normally I wouldn't bother with a post like this but some things stink about this whole affair. One he's not from any of the online communities I frequent, I don't recognize his name. Two he has no online gallery so very private is he. And three he wasted what time I do spend on line, limited as it is.

So DBZ collectors be warned. If you want to know what name and what email to avoid just contact me through RS I can give you the details.

Back to your life citizens....
re: Sellers BewareWednesday, June 16, 2010 - 9:20:47 PM

Congrats on your daughter''s graduation! Time wasters...pffft!

re: Sellers BewareSaturday, May 09, 2020 - 7:07:35 AM

I''m interested in a few of your cels/douga if willing to sell :)

Please message me! Beautiful gallery

Reptilio93@gmail.com is where you can contact me or on rubberslug Reptilio93