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The Best
last modified: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 (8:27:43 PM)
Well, maybe not THE best, but the Best Background in the 2004 Anime-Beta Awards. Woo hoo! Now I'm going to bore you with the details of how I got that background...I was bidding on some very rough sketches on Mandarake's Everyday Auction. That was all that was showing, Sano, Sayo, and some seagulls. Dirt cheap, the dollar was equal to 120yen, no competition on this auction. A few days later, my mail carrier struggled up the walk with this huge flat pack, at least 4' x 3'. Inside was the rough sketches of Sano, Sayo, some other person I can quite identify, a butt load of seagull sketches, a couple of other backgrounds and this beautiful background with three cels, the layout and a photograph that must have been the inspiration for this setting. It took me over a year to figure out how to scan it properly.
Thanks to all my Beta Buddies who voted for my little gem...I feel good.:)
wowWednesday, November 10, 2004 - 12:56:13 AM

Hmmm...that is a unique way to acquire such a piece! It''s a beauty.

Miss Z (Stemcels)

re: The BestWednesday, April 20, 2005 - 11:42:48 PM

I remember that! It seems like a long time ago it happened... I remember saying that you''d win. I wish I had thought of this whole Weblog thing when I won in the Funny category! Oh well, there''s always next time. I can''t wait to see what you''ll submit for next time''s competition!