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Fable 3
last modified: Sunday, December 19, 2010 (3:34:49 PM)
yeah.. just two items uploaded. It's hard to get good images of cels with a digital camera.

SO- I've been playing F3 for a little while now and... it's pretty boring. :( Maybe I'm still in the opening hour. At the same time, it doesn't feel as free as the first two. And the character maker? [FYI - you could design a 'personal' character for the game] Isn't as hot as one might think. Granted the clothing choice is large, but the faces aren't. At first, I thought this would be like a friend or footman that would follow you around where-ever you might go, but no. You meet them at whatever town you chose in the creation process and they send you on a quest. That's it. Unless you decide to make the person fall in love with you, then you could attempt to marry them. Still, that's a limited option. Now, don't get me wrong - I know computer AI has limited potential. The way the personal character was advertised, though, made me think there would be more. Did the advertisement lie? No - but it did lead to conjecture and expectations that could not be met!
Well, anyways, I made a character; Ginerva, and dressed her in a pink/red pirate outfit. The outfit is really cute! ^_^
apparently I cannot link photobucket to this site for images. I would've liked to share a couple screen shots.
But... I can still share a link, right? :)
And feel free to borrow the avatars if you want to!